Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Blue Star Smokey Quartz crystals

This is not a new formation, Many of you already have reclaimed your Blue Star crystal. Yet, my Teacher crystal sent me the message to post the information here on the blog as there are also many who are still unaware of these magnificent crystalline beings and their gifts.

These amazing natural Smokey crystals have given me a message to relay about their special properties. I was told the Smokey Quartz that is coming out of the Mountain ranges of earth were seeded there and have now been awakened with a mission to help the people of earth on their physical and spiritual walk. This message applies only to Natural Smokey Quartz not irradiated smokey Quartz and only to the crystals being retrieved from the mountainous regions of our planet.

I went into meditation with these amazing Smokey Quartz crystals off and on for 3 days. They are not like any other smokey quartz I have ever come in contact with, these are buzzing, full of energy and ready to impart their wisdom and frequency to their human keepers!

As I studied these beauties I began to sense a faint vibration throughout my physical body, almost like a tingling sensation surging from my crown chakra to the minor chakras at the base of my feet. I felt the frequency surge through me and travel deep into the earth, anchoring my energy there. Then just as quickly, I felt it surge through my crown chakra and I sensed part of my awareness travel with this new energy and anchor to a milky plasma deep in space. The 2 points of connection made sense to me, original home, the source of all original life, and current space/time home, planet Earth. It was a connection that happened in a split second, yet it seemed like I could slow it down and feel each comforting moment of it. Such beauty and serenity I had not experienced before. My awareness was placed within my ethereal body, anchored in a dimension of beautiful light, yet aware of many dimensions at once. The experience is difficult to place into words and one I will not ever forget.

The smokey Teacher crystal I have chosen to work with appeared in my awareness as a Blue Star and began to transmit a message of how to use these crystals and ways they will help their human friends.

I was first shown a beautiful being composed entirely of translucent blue light, flying over the mountains of Earth dropping tiny seed crystals. I asked my guide what that meant and was told it was showing me how the smoky crystals came to be. The Mountains of our planet were seeded with these special programmed crystals long ago, knowing they would be retrieved and used when our civilization became evolved enough to work with crystal energy again.

The energy emitted by these crystals is one of gentleness, purity and connection to the original source of life. Carrying one with you or placing it near you while you work will gently cleanse and balance your energy fields. You will then begin to attract more beauty, happiness and the means necessary to make positive changes within your life.

Negative feelings can quickly be absorbed and dissipated by holding one of these crystals in your opposite hand of preference, (if you are right handed then hold it in your left hand), bring the negative emotion into your mind and let it travel into the smoky quartz where it will be absorbed and dissipated, leaving you free to emotionally heal and move away from the experience. Negative emotions are stumbling blocks to our health and happiness. Stress causes so many dis-eases of the mind and body and it is self-destructive to hold onto them. These beautiful smoky crystals have come to help us release old baggage and day to day stress, allowing us to heal and live happy, prosperous, healthy and spiritually motivated lives.

The gentle Blue Star Smokey Crystals assist us in establishing and maintaining a connected frequency to our higher ethereal self. Being programmed to show us our real beauty and worth as we will see it from a future dimension; all judgment is suspended and we are able to understand our own and others actions from a higher perspective. They rid us of feelings of depression or futility by showing us glimpses of our real work here on this plane of existence. They gently guide us toward doors to walk through that will lead us down paths of encouragement and blessings where we can fulfill our goals and life missions.

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