Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am surrounded by new crystal friends :)

I have finally returned home and I have brought many, many new crystalline tools and friends with me.
I want to thank each one of you that gave me permission to retrieve your special Ouachita Mountains tool for you. There was a wonderful outpouring from over 70 of my wonderful online friends from around the planet. I have to tell you, the energy while I was at the crystal mine was dizzying, many times I found myself sitting down upon the boulders or earth just to steady myself. The entire experience was amazing, from the breath taking view to the actual discovery of gorgeous crystals just waiting to be claimed, there is nothing like it!!!
 Several of you sent me verses of Thanks to be read at the mine and I want to assure each of you that they were indeed read with great joy and reverence and I could feel the energy of the crystals responding each time I read your beautiful words of thanks and appreciation to the Mother Earth.

While we were in Arkansas, the weather took a bit if a nasty turn the day after our mine trip. It was nearly impossible to stay connected to the internet for more than 10 minutes at a time and took me several tries to get the pictures posted and tiny updates made. Thank you all for your sweet patience, I appreciate each of you sooooo much!.

Today I will be responding to each of your emails; then I will begin sorting and preparing your new tools for their journey home. Wednesday and Thursday I plan to get everything mailed

I hope to begin listing some of the other new crystals I have brought home tonight and tomorrow evening. When I returned home there were 2 boxes of crystals that had arrived while I was gone, a package from Australia and one from Brazil...what a thrill!!! Soooo I will be very busy over the next few weeks listing and blogging about these new beauties, I have gorgeous pale pink Brazilian quartz crystals and clear crystals with nice inclusions of various minerals. These crystals contain green Chlorite, yellowish Limonite or Moss, pink lithium and or bentonite inclusions of various colors. Not all the crystals have all the inclusions, there are varying amounts within each one and some only have one type of inclusion. There were also a few yellow Golden Healers and a few Muzo formed Lemurian Seed crystals, More on this batch a little later.

Have a beautiful day my friend!

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