Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mothers day gift for all my friends, thats you of course :)

One of my Teacher crystals, the one pictured in the Ouachita mountains blog, has given me the idea it is time to retrieve some crystals myself. A wave of energy has hit the mountains of the USA recently and awakened the encoded seed crystals placed there by the the ancient Star systems. Sooooooo….

My husband and I have decided to go on a retrieval mission next week, we are going to Arkansas and visit several of the mines located within the Ouachita Mountain range. I am offering to bring back a volunteer to each one of you that would like to have one of your ancient encoded tools returned to you straight from the earth. I will need your permission to locate your personal crystalline tool, so send me a quick email saying you are ready to reclaim your encoded crystal, infuse as much of your signature energy as possible into the email. I print each email and take it to the crystal mines and fields with me. I will work on locating your crystal tools one at a time, holding your email and asking for guidance to its location. The next crystal I find while working with your message will be your personal tool. I will then wrap your crystal in your email message and tuck it safely away. Also do you want me to clean the clay off your crystal before sending it to you or do you want the earth left on it, please add that information to your email. I plan to spend all day Wednesday retrieving personal tools for my friends. If you have questions, email me, I will have my laptop with me, but not while at the mines, I will return emails in the evening and post pictures of the digs on the blog.

There is NO charge for this of course, but I will need an email with permission to retrieve your crystal before Wednesday May 12th 2010.

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!!

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