Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What you can do to help the Gulf oil crisis?

The unthinkable has happened… A BP drilled well that sits one mile under the Gulf of Mexico and goes down over 3 miles deep under the Seabed is gushing oil like a geyser  into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico waters; over 400,000 gallons a day... and has been since that fateful day, April 20 2010.

I will not post images of the horrifying effect this is having on the local wildlife, frankly it is too hard to look at on a daily basis. I live about 100 miles from the worst hit shorelines in the Wildlife Refuges of Southern Louisiana. Workers are just recently being allowed to go in and assist with the wildlife rescue; volunteer citizens are only being allowed to sign up as transporters to pick up rescued birds and take them to designated shelters to be cleaned. No citizen volunteers are actually being allowed to work with the wildlife.

The long term consequences of this disaster can only be guessed at. This is no longer just a problem for the Gulf of Mexico, most scientist believe the oil will eventually reach the Loop stream. Once this happens it will enter the Atlantic Ocean carrying it to every beach along the East coast, destroying much ocean life in its path. Once it is in the Atlantic it is only a matter of time before it travels further, how far can only be guessed at. There is no history to look back on and see what will happen, right now a terrible history is being made, it is heartbreaking!

We have to do something to help; I am asking all energy workers to create a healing energy crystal layout for the Gulf of Mexico and all that are affected by this tragedy. In this way we can create a powerful force of postive energy to send to this disaster, by doing so, perhaps we can effect a change for the better!
If everyone that reads this creates a similar crystal grid, imagine the like-minded power that we can unleash to aid in a faster solution, a cleansing of the waters, a healing for the humans and wildlife that have been devastated by this tragedy. It is our responsibility as keepers and guardians of the Earth to do everything in our power to assist during her time of need. I feel like this is something we can do from all over the world, for as long as we are needed, I hope you will help!

Below I have given images and suggestions for 2 grids guided by my Earth Star Teacher crystal. Feel free to change the types of stones to accommodate what you have available… These are the instructions I was given:

You will need:

1 larger crystal for the center

4 smaller crystals, one for each corner

4 stones: 1 Pink, 1 blue, 1 green, and one black

Create a square grid with five points, one in the center and one in each corner of the square. The center is where you will place your largest crystal, if possible in a bowl of sand; we will call this the Energy receptacle Tower.

In each corner of the grid create a circle of power; you will use a small crystal and a stone. The crystal can be any type you feel led to use, you will need a stone to represent each of the four areas in crisis.

One for Humans (Pink), one for Wildlife (black), one for the Gulf herself (blue) and one for the Earth (green)

In one corner create a power circle for the Humans… this will include the workers that are getting sick from the cleanup, the local fisherman that have lost their means of earning a living and the families that have lost their loved ones in the initial accident.

In the second corner create a circle of power for the Wildlife, this includes the birds being drenched in the oil, the Dolphins, Turtles and fish swimming in the toxic mix of oil and dispersants, the young newly born fish on the seabed of the Gulf, all manner of wildlife affected by this tragedy.

In the third corner create a circle of power for the Gulf of Mexico herself, that she find a safe way to disperse/dissolve the horrible toxins polluting her. Sending energy and light for the gulf to draw upon and use to heal and become healthy again.

In the fourth corner, create a circle of power for the Earth herself, this oil well BP drilled into is over three miles deep, I am not sure how many miles wide…  It boggles my mind to think of the domino effect this tragedy could have for years to come. The Earth needs help to heal herself from the intrusion of the greedy humans.

I am asking everyone that is able to participate, to please build a crystal energy layout, a Grid of Power, to assist in stopping this horrible event from getting any worse, to send healing energy to all areas and all life that have been and are being damaged, I believe together we can make a difference!

Below I have included images and instructions for building your Grid of Power along with meditation and activation instructions.

Assemble your Grid:

Use a Square piece of paper and draw the five circles on it as illustrated or print out the picture I made and use it. You can make this any size you feel comfortable with. Place your larger crystal in the center, if you cannot place it in a bowl of sand and it will not stand up on its own, then lay it down with the point facing away from any of the corners (see picture). If you can stand your center crystal up in a bowl of sand, place that directly over the center circle.

Next place a smaller crystal in each corner with the base end pointed toward the center crystal to draw energy from it and send it outward to its goal ( you can also use double terminated crystals if you prefer). Now place the appropriate stone into each corner beside the crystal:

Pink in the Human corner to represent love and compassion

Black or carbon included crystal in the Wildlife corner to represent the carbon based life forms being harmed or threatened

Blue in the corner for the gulf to represent the water

Green in the earth’s Corner to represent the heart chakra of Mother Earth.

Now select a place for your Grid of Power to occupy during its use, somewhere it will not be disturbed or accidently knocked over. If you are able to place it near a window that would be great, this grid can also be built outside in a garden if you have space. Then of course you would not need paper, just draw your circles into the Earth and set your crystals into it. There are many ways to adapt this grid, allow your spirit to guide you.

It is now time to activate your Grid… stand or sit near your Gulf Grid, clear your mind, become as peaceful and centered as possible. Feel yourself connecting to the original source of energy in our universe, feel the complete love it gives you. Ask for strength, guidance and protection during your work. Feel a surge of energy rush forth filling your mind, body and space. Hold out your hands near the grid; allow the energy to flow through your arms into your finger tips and out into the center crystal of your grid. Visualize the energy flowing from the center crystal into each circle of power in the corner of your grid. Now send this energy upward to connect to the golden grid of light around our planet. You will feel the connection the moment it hits the Golden Grid, your Grid is now powered on!

Every day at least once sit with your crystal layout Grid and infuse healing energy into it, this energy will immediately be picked up and carried into the Golden Grid arouind our planet where it will travel to your intended targets, the Humans, Wildlife, Gulf of Mexico, and the Earth. Here it will be used to assist in a rapid solution and healing of this tragedy!

Thank you to any and all that are willing to add their energies to this work, you are all so appreciated!
Blessings my friends,
Another way to create the Grid of Power"

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