Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The ancient Childlike Crystalline beings

I received an order of unusual crystals from my Brazilian Supplier, they are larger in size than most he sends and I was very excited to get them. However when I opened the box and began unwrapping these ancient souls my jaw dropped. They were gorgeous, the sides carried beautiful ancient script, lines and carving…. Then I saw their faces and almost cried! Someone thought it would be a good idea to polish them; I could hardly believe what I was looking at. These magnificent beings ranging from 5 to 9 inches tall, had polished faces! It appeared as though the polishing had followed the natural lines of the face, as though they were trying to remove dings or marks from the flat areas and it looks like it was done by hand, not on a machine. I unwrapped all 11 crystals, they had ALL been polished on their faces. I felt physically sick to my stomach, weak, like all my energy had drained from me, how could they do that to these crystals???

As tears literally fell from my eyes, I set the unwrapped crystals off my lap and went to my bedroom to meditate. A mixture of emotions raced through my mind and body, how could anyone do that to a crystal???? Why would they think it was better to remove the natural marks??? What key to an ancient message is now lost forever to us???
Yes, I was spiraling out of control when suddenly, I swear, I felt the presence of the larger crystal I had unwrapped, it was right beside me. Had I actually brought it with me and not realized it? I went to pick it up and it was not there, but its essence was. My hands touched a field of energy that sent warm shivers through my body.

Have you ever held a newborn baby or hugged a young child and thought, this little soul is surely the incarnation of a holy person. If you have, you know what I am trying to convey… you are left with such a warm glowing energy and a smile on your face that is almost indescribable, you never forget that feeling. That is what I felt now, the confusion, the questions, the hurt, all gone! Totally replaced with such a complete feeling of joy, contentment and love, for a length a time, I don’t even know how long, I just sat there basking in this radiance the crystals were bathing me in.

The crystals then began to help me realize the polishing on them had been done with love, not out of malice. The man that polished them thought they were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, but some of their faces had been damaged. He took it upon himself to fix them.... the crystals drew in their energy while they were being worked on and all the messages went into their body, nothing was lost. In fact after the polishing they tell me the energy flowing through them is amplified. It is easier for them to send out their messages, gifts and information; from what I have experienced these last few days from them, they have alot to offer us.

I am certainly not going to argue with them, they demonstrated their wisdom, love and compassion first hand to me. I will be listing them soon, along with the Spiritual Gifts they possess. I wanted to tell all of you about my experience with them first, they truly greatly humbled me, giving me a quick lesson in judging something by its looks or by preconceived ideas that I have projected on to it. I will not soon forget that lesson, nor the complete love and understanding I felt from these ancient Childlike beings, I can hardly wait to discover what other gifts they have to share with us.

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