Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crystal-Scriptions~ Transcend Chaos

Transcend Chaos….

I have created these beautiful bracelets from freeform iridescent slices of Abalone Shell linked with Copper Wire to Freshwater Potato Pearls that are nestled between Sterling Silver Diamond shaped Spacers threaded on true Brass Wire. These Shell and Pearl creations are alternately connected and joined together on both sides with double curls of wire to create chain-like the end I have added either a Brass or Copper Toggle Closure. I was inspired to design these as a tool to assist us in the coming months when Chaos energy is going to become more and more frequent, 9 months out of 2011 and all 12 months in 2012. Wearing a tool like this can help keep our Mental and physical energy fields anchored and focused. When I placed mine around my wrist I felt an immediate sensation of relief, peace and clearer/calmer mental activity…I felt more in charge of my daily activities and more in resonance with my personal Destiny~
The combined effect of Shell, Pearls Sterling Silver, Brass and Copper create an amazing calming effect that transcends and diffuses Chaos energy while instilling a gentle feeling of peace with our feet firmly rooted in confidence. These bracelets help us stay detached from chaos energy around us, allowing our awareness to anchor in a place of centered harmony. Their energy infusions help us remain calm and decisive during upheaval, seeing clearly the best choices to make for our highest good. The combined energies reduce self-damaging behavior, including unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns, while our feelings of self-respect, confidence, grace, and self-assuredness increase. Transcending Chaos allows us to enter a place of centered awareness that enables us to communicate with others in a compassionate manner, yet maintain a healthy detachment from any chaos or draining sycophant energy that may unwittingly be headed your way.

Shells bring Organizational skills to the front, they instill Self assurance and spiritual Strength; balancing this with Physical and Emotional Endurance.
Pearls relax the mind and drain off excess tension, they infuse the wearer with an appreciation of life and fill the ethereal bodies with gentle Moon energies to calm and uplift emotions. During Chaos energy the infusion of the Lunar frequency tends to balance our moods and any emotional swings while giving us clarity to see our lives, choices and consequences of those choices before we act too hastily.

Pure Copper has high electrical conductivity and acts as an amplifier to the energy field of any other stone, metal, or organic piece it is connected to, including the human energy field.
Brass Brass grounds excess and nervous energies, strengthens will power and draws light frequencies into the body. Brass is an Alloy metal which means it is created by combining more than one metal to create a new one. The high quality Brass wire I use contains approximately 75% Copper ore and 25% Zinc pellets.

Sterling Silver is combined at a ratio of 92.5% Silver ore and 7.5% copper ore. Sterling Silver is a Stablizer that acts as an anchor for the energy of all Stones and organic matter connected to it. So wearing Sterling Silver anchors and stabilizes your own energy fields.

The Transcend Chaos Jewelry is part of my new line of Crystal-Scriptions© Jewelry that will be featured on my Website at
The Crystal-Scriptions© are Jewelry Creations designed to specifically work with bringing discordant energy within the Physical body and Ethereal fields back into a healthy alignment with the pattern of perfection from our Original Source~

*Crystal-Scriptions©  is a line of jewelry designed to work as a complimentary, supportive energy tool to traditional medicine and healing techniques, it is not created as a substitute for professional medical care.

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