Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 ~ New energies awakening

Welcome to the world of Crystalline Energy....

I want to start 2010 by talking about a new energy emerging into our awareness and a re-awakening running through the world of ancient Quartz crystals. We are entering an era of renewed hope for the future, this entire decade will define and lead us into a future few have even imagined. Many are calling 21 Dec 2012 the end of life as we know it, a period of destruction and earth upheaval, I don't believe it!

The crystals tell me, Yes, this is a new beginning, but a beautiful one that we, here in 2010 are on the fringe of entering, we are the leaders into this new era. The destruction that occurs will be the crumbling of walls of fear and borders of hate that separate us as human beings. The people of Earth were always meant to work together with utmost respect for our individual differences. Many ancient crystals from Lemuria, Atlantis, and the Stars have been re-awakened to guide us into this new era of light with hope and faith in our human ability to evolve into a peaceful consciousness. The ancient crystals are being placed among us with a mission to gently teach us how to work with this new energy and to lead us into the age of peace and respect for each other...
Many of you already know about the primordial StarBirth Crystals that have recently been released. After they were mined and collected, over 30 years ago, they were stored in boxes in a private collectors garage. After his passing, family members began the massive job of cleaning out the stone collectors storage areas and this is when the StarBirths were discovered. These ancient crystalline beings are sending out beacons to their keepers, drawing them step by step from all over the world to reclaim their personal tools. This is just one example of the strength of the new energies our planet is being bombarded with.

The mineral kingdom is AWAKE, if you are an energy worker, a crystal keeper... expect to be called, guided and led to the tools you will need in the upcoming decade, you will be expected to use them and claim your spot in the coming Age of beauty and respect!


  1. How exiting! The advent of 2012 has many on the edge of their seats nervously wondering and waiting. I would like to know more about the events that will unfold.

  2. Hi Allan,
    Stay tuned to this blog... we will be discussing many the changes ahead us,our crystal friends are talking about many, many wonderful things to come.