Saturday, January 9, 2010

Using an Energy Discharge Crystal


A MUST HAVE tool for energy workers!

The Energy Discharge crystal is recognized as being a crystal that has endured damage to its terminations to the degree that it no longer radiates energy outward but draws energy inward into itself, it absorbs the energy! This tool is so necessary when you are doing energy work on another person... so often as your work intensifies, negative energy is released from the person receiving the work and can build up in the Aura of the healer. Discharging this energy quickly can be essential to the healer, so as not to take in the dis-cord that has been released, or to allow it to re-enter the patient receiving the healing.

Using this crystal is so simple and effective, everyone should have one close to them. During a healing session, to discharge energy simply pick up the energy Discharge crystal with your hand of preference, or place this hand Palm side down on top of the crystal for 30 seconds, you will immediately begin to feel a Drawing out of energy, and a lightness filling your body.

This is also a very powerful tool when used in a personal cleansing ceremony. At this time many of us are undergoing a vibrational shift in frequencies, dumping out what is no longer useful or needed for our spiritual growth. This can be a disturbing or even painful process to go through, but when we work our way through it, we are filled with a Joyous light energy and a renewed feeling of positive growth. To use the Energy Discharge crystal for this purpose, allow yourself to have an hour or more of quite uninterrupted time to yourself. Do whatever is needed to create a feeling of calm security around you.... light candles, put on soothing music, or burn sage and herbs, as long as your space feels sacred and secure to you. Sit quietly and first still your mind, then allow yourself to feel the emotions/situations that you know you need to release, hold your Energy discharge crystal in the hand of preference, allowing it to rest in the palm of your hand. As the emotions grow, draw the crystal inward to your solar plexus region (yellow Chakra, located at the base of your ribs, in front of your stomach area, the indent between the rib cage) and hold it gently in place until you begin to feel a light energy in this area, then move the crystal up over the heart chakra allowing it to absorb any negative energy that has been stored there. You will know when you have completed the ceremony, a fresh wave of energy will wash over you.... like taking a refreshing, energizing shower with zillions of sunlight partcles bathing your body; or standing at the base of a gentle, beautiful waterfall and cleansing in its spray.

Sometimes this ceremony will need to repeated several times, it is not always easy to dump everything at one sitting. When you feel you have had enough for one session, STOP!!! You can repeat it again whenever you feel the time is right, it is sometimes easier to do the cleansing in steps, pacing yourself at your own speed.

After each use of the Energy Discharge crystal, be sure to cleanse it before using it again. This can be done in several ways, use the one you are most comfortable with. You can cleanse your crystal by placing it in a bowl of Sea Salt for 15 minutes, this is the fastest and strongest method of pulling out the negative energy it has absorbed. You can also place the crystal in direct sunlight for a minimum of 2 hours, or place it in a salt water bath for 30 minutes; you can also bury it in a bowl of sand overnight. Since these crystals do not radiate energy, the negative vibration must be pulled from the stone. These wonderful crystals are amazing helper tools for all of us!


  1. After doing the personal chakra discharge session should one then feed and seal those chakras, especially if etheric cords have been cut during this process? What types of crystals, formations or stones would help do this and protect the chakras and aura from re-attachment?

  2. Hi, I had to break your question down into several parts to answer it, I hope you dont mind....
    Your question..." After doing the personal chakra discharge session should one then feed and seal those chakras, especially if etheric cords have been cut during this process. What types of crystals formations or stones would help do this and protect the chakras and auras from reattachment."

    Q… After doing the personal chakra discharge session should one then feed and seal those chakras?
    A… It is a good idea to use a Magenta Colored flame (The Magenta flame stimulates mental clarity and releases dull, heavy, energy) meditation daily to cleanse/dissolve away excess attachments from our contacts during our daily travels. Chakras are open spinning wheels of energy; they draw fuel energy from our surroundings, the earth, the ethers as well minerals and crystals. If one were to seal these wheels, a free, healthy flow of energy exchange could not take place. If chakras have stopped spinning or have an erratic spin, then it is necessary to give them a boost by infusing them with appropriate colors of energy. Stones and Minerals can be of great assistance here.
    Q …especially if etheric cords have been cut during this process? I would highly discourage the “cutting” of ethereal energy cords; this can be a painful process that leaves emotional scarring. I would recommend that to achieve the release of negative attachment threads, we visualize the cords/threads gently dissolving from their point of contact on us, allowing the cord to be released and retracted back to its original source. Perhaps as the slender stream of energy is returning to its source, we could visualize a particle stream of rainbow light cleansing and strengthening it while on its journey home. This would actually benefit the actual source of the thread and help them or the situation regain a healthy energy field.
    Q… What types of crystals formations or stones would help do this and protect the chakras and auras from reattachment.
    A… Some of the best minerals to have in your environment to protect your own energy field from negative attachments is Quartz crystal, Mica, Pyrite or black tourmaline and when we can find any of these minerals combined with another, the protective synergy is amazing! If someone finds they are being surrounded by negative energy often, they might want to consider wearing or carrying these minerals on their body, like made into jewelry or inside a medicine pouch.
    Remember Chakras should not be closed more than 30 minutes at a time, to do so can lead to physical discomforts such as, feeling off balance, dizzy, foggy thinking, tired, fatigued or drained of energy. For us to feel healthy and energized, our energy wheels need to be healthy, they have to spin freely, drawing in and discharging energy as needed.

  3. Hi Victoria,
    I had heard that selenite works well, and very quickly, to recharge a crystal (I can't remember if it is also known to cleanse a crystal?). Have you heard/known this to be true? I live in the northeast, and as you can imagine, we don't have a whole lot of sunshine available at this time of year to charge with. Sometimes it is weeks before the sun, or moon, peep out. Otherwise, this energy disharge crystal sounds amazing!

  4. Good Morning!
    YES, absolutly, Selenite is the most amazing mineral, I could write an entire blog on the uses and benefits of Selenite. If you could only have one crystal in your collection, I would always reccomend it be a selenite wand. They recharge, purify, cleanse, energize, balance everything they come in contact with. Have a beautiful day ~

  5. Thank you Victoria, you have a beautiful day, too! :~)

    Now that I know selenite can be used to cleanse, I decided for certain that I have to have a discharge crystal.
    I have been using EFT for years now, and it is astounding how well it works to release old stuff, emotions, limitations, and so quickly.
    But sometimes I get feelings.. icky old stuff.. that I don't even know how to recognize, or put a name to. I know that it doesn't feel good. I am hoping that the energy discharge crystal might be the perfect tool for this :~).
    I went to your ebay store to see your StarBirths again, and the first thing I saw was two discharge crystals! I was so excited I can't even tell you, lol. Not just because they were there, but also because I recognized one of them immediately, as if it were my new best friend. As soon as I looked into it, I started to release energy already (I hadn't even bought it yet, let alone gotten to hold it in my hands), and it was a sweet release, even joyful. I cried for a few seconds, and felt great.
    I also realized afterwards that it looked like I expected it (the one I would own someday) to.. the same shape, texture, etc. Wow! I didn't even have this strong a reaction to the StarBirths online (at least, not until they came home to me :~).
    In the past I never had any interest in crystals that were broken, damaged, or just plain "pointless" -no terminations (I guess I actually saw them as pointless, without as much value... I loved sharp-pointed terminations, no flaws, water-clarity, and the larger the better). Pretty sad, huh?
    But after looking at this crystal I realized that all of us are broken, or razor-sharp termination~less, sometimes, in some ways. Obviously this crystal had great value for me, 'damage' and all. In fact its damaged~ness is exactly what gave it the ability to give me what it did (and more to come :~). Apparently, our damage/broken-ness is very beautiful, cuz it has great purpose.
    Plus, I just plain LOVE it (the crystal)! For some reason, it looks like one of the most beautiful crystals in the world to me. It makes my heart feel so much affection for it.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do :~)
    Your store and blog have brought so much enhancement into my experience. Your wisdom/experience/communication with the crystals has helped to unlock doors, and a renewed love for me, with regards to these. :~)

  6. Hi,
    Your email is amazing, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experiences, that is exactly how the crystals work.
    Blessings to you and yours,