Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Priory Crystals

The Priory Quartz Crystals

These beautiful soft, silky crystals are gentle supportive crystalline beings. They are not intrusive, bossy, or aggressive. Their energy is immediately soothing, filling the body and mind with a sense of rooted security unlike any other crystal I have worked with. Their appearance is not quite clear, just hints of smoky color, their bodies are lined with the mark of spiritual leader crystals, the Lemurian Striations!

I took these gentle beings into meditation to discover the gifts they possess and was surprised to find myself standing outside a stone Temple, there were giant carvings of a male and female being on each side of the entrance. I did not recognize the images, yet felt compelled to show reverence and humility as I gazed upon their faces. Suddenly the large wooden doors swung open and two beings in saffron colored cloth motioned me to enter. I sensed their intent more than I heard them speak, like pictures flowing through my mind, I could feel their emotions and I knew they sensed mine. There was no fear, no uncertainty, only a welcoming sense of coming home. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and knew I was accepted here more than anywhere I had ever been on earth.

I was taken into a small room with cool earthy brown tile floors, a round low table in the center with silk pillows around it. They motioned me to sit with them and I did, the three of us joined hands and a surge of energy ran through us that was immediately exhilarating and calming. I felt myself being completely renewed, like I was given a new body and mind with no scars or hurts attached to it. I felt the energy gentle subside and sensed the beings telling me to return to the spiritual house, the Priory, anytime I need renewal, which is their gift to us! These Priory crystals give us renewed strength, vigor, courage and support in all that we undertake in life.
These crystals were gifted to me and I want to thank the dear lady that shared them; what a blessings to work with these crystalline beings! I want to be clear, I do NOT have any of these crystals to sell, I posted their message in the event some of you may have them in your possesion and have not retrived their message yet. If I ever locate them available I will certainly purchase more of them. They are slightly smoky, feel like a combination of Tibetan and Peru quartz crystals, definatly feel soft to the touch.

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