Friday, January 15, 2010

Hathor Healing Crystals

My Meditation With the Hathor crystals....

These crystals took me on fantastic journey into what looked like ancient Egypt, though I cannot be certain, it actually felt so much older than the Egypt we know. I was transported to a location beside a beautiful river with greenish blue water, so pretty it looked like water from the Mediterranean Sea! The river was the same color as these crystals. I felt an energy pull and turned around to see a lavish Temple, like the image I posted below. A swirling mass of light particles appeared before me and started to move toward the Temple, I followed. As my feet stepped on the huge tiled floor of this temple, I instantly felt a rush of energy that almost stunned me. The most beautiful Woman I had ever seen stood before me, she did not seem to even see me. Then my attention was drawn to the room around me and I noticed for the first time there were many people here, from an ancient society. There manner of dress was gorgeous, They were all here to honor the woman in front of me the goddess Hathor! As I watched, I realized no one could see me, I was just an observer in this sacred place, I stepped back so I could see as much as possible. I watched as the Goddess began to glow, first a golden light surrounded her, then grew larger and surrounded the people. They all sat down, some almost fell down it seemed, then the Golden light changed to the most beautiful shade of greenish blue Turquoise I had ever seen and I saw the people filled with Joy and laughter, they seemed completely renewed! Almost like the light had rejuvenated them in some way.

Suddenly I was back on the river banks, the swirling mass of light particals seemed to be communicating with me, telling me this is what the crystals are and this is how they work! They are connected to the Goddess Hathor; she sends her life giving joy and energy through these crystals. I thanked the guide for this journey and suddenly found I had returned to my meditation space

Some background information about the Hathor Quartz crystals

The rare Hathor Quartz crystals have been recovered from the Argentina Side of the Andes Mountains and fits perfectly into the StarBirth Grids being built. They are generally clear to milky white quartz with unusual crustations on their outer bodies. This crust is caused by a buildup of Glauconite; a greenish blue colored inclusion belonging to the hydrated potassium iron silicate group of minerals. It is this greenish blue Glauconite mineral that gives the crystals their amazing turquoise/greenish-blue hue.

This is THE crystal for Energy Healers and those that need healing, the primary function of this crystal is to radiate a frequency that can be consciously directed into areas that need positive energy and health restored to them. The Hathor Crystal activates and balances the Immune system, clears blockages, and releases negative emotions such as resentment, anger, guilt, anxiety… etcetera.

 The healing ray that is emitted also dissolves ethereal attachments from uninvited outside sources (sycophants) that can drain you of personal strength and focused thought. Turquoise is the color of the bodies Thymus energy Wheel, the Chakra that controls our immune systems health, it is the master color of healing. Even if the cause of discomfort is unknown you can still use a meditation that focuses on the light ray of turquoise, sending it throughout the body to aid in recovery where it is needed.

Hathor, the Celestial Egyptian Goddess, balances the masculine and feminine principles within us, teaching us how to use the original pattern of the sun and moons frequencies, the sun being the masculine vibration and the moon being the feminine vibration. When those two energies are in harmony we have a perfect balancing of the electro-magnetic fields of our own body. When these aspects are brought into compatible existence, a complete healing on all physical, emotional and ethereal levels can begin. Negative energies are dispelled and replaced by blue green Light rays that radiate from within the keeper. The Pineal and Pituitary glands are activated and balanced to their correct frequencies, bringing Intuitive and Psychic awareness to a new level. The Keepers natural Creation and Healing abilities are empowered and strengthened. These crystals bring an energy of vitality to the user and establish a reservoir the keeper can draw upon whenever it is needed. This can be a powerful tool for those who have chosen Healing or Vision work as their Path of Destiny on Earth, acting as an anchor and energy source for you. This is a very empowering formation of crystal, establishing a Celestial link between the keeper and the Goddess Hathor.

The Hathor Crystal Healing Meditation

Imagine yourself in a Lush beautiful Rainforest, standing in the warm sand near the base of a sparkling waterfall; completely safe and undisturbed. The vibrant green of the foliage contrasts and blends with the refreshing blue of the water and sky. Now, take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the cleansing air of this sacred place, breathing out, you move forward and decide to test the water with the tips of your toes. Discovering it is the perfect temperature, you walk across the shallow stream to stand beneath the gentle turquoise waters flowing over the rocks above. As the water hits your bare skin you realize it is not only water, but light particles of the same turquoise color as the water that is flowing over you. The Blue green water is washing over and immersing your outer skin with the healing colors of perfect health; while the Light particles of green and blue softly penetrate your body and fill all your organs and vessels with its healing light energy. You begin to feel a gentle tingling somewhere in your body; now it is time to direct this energy to any parts of the body that you know need extra help to heal. Stand under this waterfall as long as you feel comfortable doing so and return as often as like, you cannot overdo it. If you do not need the Turquoise color of healing your body will not absorb it.

This healing energy works not only on the physical but on the emotional bodies as well, washing away old hurts, scars and resentments that buildup and cause physical disease. This meditation allows you to wash away the negative attachments and fill their space with concentrations of Turquoise light particles. These pockets of light act as a catalyst to build a state of perfect, balanced health within you.

Hathors Crystal activates the total healing power of the Turquoise colored chakra energy wheel. The Egyptian Goddess Hathor was also known as the Mistress of Turquoise; bringer of Joy and Life.

These Ancient crystals are crusted with Teal color Glauconite, Peach color Bentonite and White color Calcite usually on more than one side. There are parts of them that are clear of the crustation and reflect the beautiful Teal color of the Iron Silicate, Glauconite, it is this mineral that gives these crystals their beautiful color.
 So there is no mistake, the crystals themselves are not teal in color, they are clear or milky white; they do however appear to be teal colored because of the Glauconite crustation on their outer bodies. As a result of the iron content of the mineral the crystals have a greenish blue appearence; in the Mohs scale Glauconite has a hardness of 2, much like Bentonite. Removing the minerals would diminish the energy of these crystals.
These ancient beings are not usually in perfect condition, having been gathered as quartz to be ground and powdered, they were not treated with the respect they deserve. These were purchased from a rockhound who recovered them over 40 years ago, they were kept in the same collection (garage) as the StarBirths and Blue Lotus crystals.


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