Friday, November 12, 2010

Natural Pink Lithium Quartz Crystals From Bahia, Brazil

 These beautiful Pink Lithium crystals are retrieved from Bahia, Brazil, They are mined in very limited quantities by local villagers. I was blessed to get a good shipment directly from the Brazilian Supplier. These are incredibly beautiful and energetic crystals; they radiate an energy of warmth, love and contentment, so peaceful! Pink Lithium crystals are the serotonin of the mineral kingdom; they trigger the feel good response within our brains that make us want to smile.We suddenly feel at peace with the world and know everything is going to work out just fine.

These emissaries of peace clear out tension, anger, aggression and stress from any environment they are placed in. Holding one in the palm of your hand draws out unpleasant emotions from the keeper and initializes the peaceful, calm and in-control mental state that should always be there for an energy worker. No other mineral feels like Pink Lithium, it sends out its energy in a gentle cyclic flow that is powerful in its softness. Repeatedly working with a Pink Lithium Quartz crystal will begin to heal emotional issues of the past, resentment, grudges, and feelings of unfairness simply fall away, one day you realize how great you are feeling and perhaps notice that you are not at mental or emotional war with anyone anymore. These crystals are excellent for anyone dealing with mental turmoil or emotional traumas, they instantly balance and activate all chakras, creating the space for a healthy mind and body to grow, flourish and evolve!

Pink Lithium crystals are calming and soothing to the brain. When the brain is peaceful the Solar Plexus and Adrenal glands run smoothly without stress from overworking that can throw chakras and glands out of balance. This warm and loving mineral is self clearing and self cleansing, though I have to say, they do love playing in Rose petals when they are not busy working!

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