Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morganite... Charged by the Angels~ Keeper of the Heart Ray

 Morganite is a rare, semi-precious gemstone; a pale pink semi-transparent variety of Beryl that gets its delicate color from trace amounts of Cesium, Rubidium and Manganese inclusions. The beautiful stones I am offering here were recovered from the Corrego do Urucum mine in the federation of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The energy field of Morganite is of a very high, very fine frequency that is extremely subtle. If you are not accustomed to the feel of ethereal energy you may think they are totally without a vibrational frequency. Nothing could be further from the truth; Morganite is attached to an Angel of Love and is the keeper of our heart rays! The energy gift is immediate and spontaneous, and is usually felt initially as a subtle emotional response. Some may feel giggly, calmer or happier this is a reaction to the healing gift Morganite has given your Heart Ray; everyone should have this stone, the world would be such a loving and peaceful place.

Morganite has been named Keeper of the Heart Ray by the Angelic realm. It’s extremely high frequency immediately penetrates the Souls Spiritual Heart, cleansing, dissolving, clearing and removing toxic energies that have accumulated throughout the souls eternal existence. Every lifetime that has experience emotional hurt and scarring has left its imprint in your Spiritual Heart. As a result of this imprinting we are born with opinions, judgments, and fears that have no base within our current life. These are past life traumas and scars that need to be removed and healed so that we may live this current life fully embracing the Ray of Love as we are meant to.

When I first held the Morganite in my hand its energy was vibrating at such a high frequency I almost thought I felt nothing other than a calmness that was immediately flowing through my consciousness. Now, when I say calmness, I don’t mean like a physical calm after being upset, that is a very different feeling. I am trying to find the right words… this calm went deep, very deep! It was so soft, so subtle it took me a minute to realize that something had just been returned to me that I didn’t know I had lost.

My mind could not keep up with the immediate cleansing and spontaneous healing that was occurring. I felt a small warm tear rushing down my cheek and oddly this brought a smile to my face, I laughed,… then I really laughed with such a deep joy and genuine happiness I don’t remember feeling before. I knew was joy now anchored within the core of my very being. I didn’t know I was missing this part of me, Oh my, the little stone in my hand was warm and all I could do was smile, and cry and smile and giggle some more. I was not sure exactly what was happening, but I knew something that had been holding me back was gone; I felt such a deep gratitude, such a feeling of joyful wholeness and such an enormous ray of love from my heart; It was like I was embracing the entire planet at once. I knew I had to learn more about what had just transpired, so I went to my Sirian Heir Teacher and asked to be shown in a way that I could put into words.

My Journey began with the appearance of a large shimmering silvery-pink Angel of Light. I saw the outline of her wings and body as more solid than the rest of her. There were radiant fibers of silver light flowing from her head like strands of long wavy hair; her beauty was stunning! Instinctively I knew this was a being created of entirely of conscious living light. The sight was humbling to behold and I was filled with awe as I focused on this sacred being. I sensed the Angels beautiful form moving closer to me, I felt very small, almost like an infant, as she lifted by body into her arms and wrapped both wings completely around my small human form. I was completely encompassed by the angel’s wings feeling only pure and divine love; almost as though I were somehow being reborn, or given life for the first time. There was a new energy flowing through my awareness and into my physical body, every cell had been ignited; the Physical and Spiritual DNA were on fire, a silvery pink flame coursing through every atom that was me. I think I was held in the arms of this angel for at least one eternity, yet it was over in blink of an eye. Her wings opened and she gently released me, I felt completely renewed. I heard and felt her voice like a fine musical instrument; her words became the first imprint on my new heart…..

……I have reset your heart memory child, you are now as you were when first created, there are no more scars, no more pain, you are whole and complete! Go forth and complete your mission on earth renewed with an open heart. I have transferred by light ray into the small pink stone you are holding; use it anytime you need to connect with me. This stone is now the Keeper of your Heart Ray!

Now I completely understood the miracle that had just transpired and it took my breath away!

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