Monday, December 27, 2010

Egyptian Heka Wand Seedlings

The Egyptian Heka wand Seedlings are being recovered from the same area as the larger Egyptian Heka wands; the highlands of Chapada Diamantina, a plateau that runs directionally north and south with high concentrations of quartz /quartzite; this plateau is located east of Salvador in central Bahia, Brazil; the area is known as the Serra da Mangabeira. It seems the miners have prematurely (or perhaps it is the perfect timeing;) recovered a Chamber of Seedlings, now it is up to us to care for them.

These adorable and powerful little Heka Wands are the same crystals as you are accustom to seeing in the larger sizes; only they are in a younger state of growth. They range in size from a tiny 3/4 inch long to 2 3/4 inches long, most falling in the 1 1/2 - 2 inch size. Many of them are Double Terminated, which simply increases the energy flow into and from them. When you think of these ancient seedlings, think about the difference in a young child and an Elder human. The Young child has boundless energy, is curious, inquisitive and somewhat undisciplined, when they laugh it is like the sound of tinkling bells being rang by the Angels. The Elder is settled, focused and rooted. Their energy is steady and dependable, they know where they are going, what they are doing and why; their laughter contains a rich understanding of humor and life. Both are humans in different stages of their growth, so it is with the Heka Wands.

These small crystals have a boundless energy that must be focused a bit more carefully than their Ancient and Elder counter-parts. They feel joyful almost giggly and their happiness is contagious. They are anxious and ready for adventure and seem to be up for anything you want them to do. Do not expect these crystals to lead you; they need you to direct their flow of energy. Without your direction the energy seems to go anywhere and everywhere, like a childs attention span. They were created from the pure Primordial cosmic energy of life force; in some ways they seem to have an umbilical-like cord still connected to their source of creation.

The Heka Wand Seedlings would be just perfect used in jewelry creations where they could be worn/carried on the body, instilling a constant connection between the human keeper and the Primordial Heka energy. They are also very powerful when worked into Crystal Grid energy of all types adding the energy of the original pure source to the Grid. I have found some have a lovely Pink hue to them and a few have Chlorite inclusions, they are also wonderful when used in energy healing work. 
However you chose to work with these amazing little Wands, the amount of energy they are able to draw in and send out is amazing!

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  1. Where does anyone buy these special wands?

    1. I have a new batch of them I will be adding to the website this week, just check under "New arrivals" catagory if you do not see them on the front page. the website addy is
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