Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Star Smokey Wands from Brazil~

  The Blue Star Quartz crystals that have made their way home to us this time are from the Serra Do Espinhaco Mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil. They are much larger than their Australian kin and are more Wand Shaped with etched glyphs on the body, most are light Smokey in hue with about 1/3 being a dark Smokey color. The only common factor in these and the small Australians is the Location of retrieval, a Mountain range. As we learned before any Smokey quartz crystals retrieved from a mountain range would carry the encoded program of the Blue Star.

As I placed my thumbprint over the face of this crystal, I sensed a flash of white-blue light, and a shifting my awareness and knew I was being shown a vision. I began to sense a faint vibration throughout my physical body, almost like a tingling sensation surging from my crown chakra to the minor chakras at the base of my feet. I felt the frequency surge through me and travel deep into the earth, anchoring my energy there. Then just as quickly, I felt it surge through my crown chakra and I sensed part of my awareness travel with this new energy and anchor to a milky plasma deep in space. The 2 points of connection made sense to me, original home, the source of all original life, and current space/time home, planet Earth. It was a connection that happened in a split second, yet it seemed like I could slow it down and feel each comforting moment; it was very familiar, I have been here before! Such beauty and serenity, yes this is the blue Star connection! My awareness was placed within my ethereal body, anchored in a dimension of beautiful light, yet aware of many dimensions at once. Again, I was shown the beautiful being I had seen before, composed entirely of translucent blue light, flying over the mountains of Brazil dropping tiny seed crystals; I also noticed the seed crystals were glowing with a light of their own this time. I asked my guide what that meant and was told these seed crystals were placed in the ground millions of years ago by people who came from a Lost Star that once existed in the Pleiadian system. Their ancient planet revolved around the binary blue Star Pleione and was home to one of the first civilizations in our Universe.

The people evolved quickly and peacefully, were very astronomy and science oriented, they were playful, curious beings. Understanding their world and the galaxy they lived in quickly became the focus for their advancement. When the binary Sun Stars were ageing, they sent out colonies to other star systems all over the Galaxy and out into the Universe, these curious intellectual beings began to seed life everywhere they went, they called themselves People of the Blue Stars.

Their Scientist developed the perfect storage and retrieval device using Quartz crystals. Instead of decaying, this storage method would protect and retain the information implanted within it for millions and millions of years. This was perfect! The Scientists developed a way to place a bit of their own life energy, imprinted with their chosen memories into a tiny seed crystal. In this manner they were able to store records of their civilization and their individual lives within natural quartz crystal structures. Knowing many of them would take up life on these planets and would one day forget their Star origins, they placed personal as well as cultural information within the living seeds.They decided to plant these on every planet that could support intelligent life and had young mountainous areas to protect the seeds while civilization evolved; Earth was one of those planets. They knew as intelligent life evolved the People of the Blue Stars would be able to incarnate and retrieve the ancient messages they had recorded in the seed crystals.

Many of the souls from Pleiones binary star system are currently incarnated on Earth. They know there is something of major importance happening now, even if they are not sure what it is.

Now when a human’s energy field activates one of these tools, the starfire or life force energy inside ignites and sends a frequency wave back through that human’s energy field, searching for a tiny Pleionian imprint that still resides within the spiritual genetic code of that being. If one is found the energy anchors within the spiritual DNA; once that person holds this crystal properly in their hand, the download will automatically begin. You can expect to receive information about culture, laws, healing, Arts, Science plus personal, individual messages. Anything pertaining to the societies that grew and flourished on the now lost Star.

Once the download is complete, it will only take a few seconds, the information may reveal itself to you in dreams or even daydreams. If you are an Artist you may suddenly feel the urge to paint images of your home world or people from your society. Writers may feel new ideas for books, poems, stories; teachers find new ways to share their knowledge and to help their students learn. Healers have more intuitive ideas on how to help others. The healing energy from their hands becomes stronger. Whatever your normal path, the starfire seeds will find a way to blossom and come through. The data is set to release as little seeds within our minds, like natural ideas. This is to prevent the overwhelming amount of information they give us from possibly shutting us down mentally.

So many millions of years have passed, So many lifetimes lived in so many galaxies; these precious encoded crystalline seeds are all we have left of the culture created by the People of the Blue Stars, and only the incarnated beings of this lost culture can unlock and relearn the important meassages and teaching that were preserved just for them.

How do you know if one of the Brazil Blue Stars is meant for you? Look at the pictures carefully, I have shown the main face clearly on each one, this is the access point. The crystals are here, scanning for you now, simply ask the image in front you if it is meant to work with you, and then wait a few seconds. Look at the images again, are you still interested in the crystal or have you lost all interest suddenly? That should tell you if you are meant to work with one of these very beautiful and rare tools. I would suggest that you look at several of the crystals if possible to see which one might have a stronger connection to the imprinting you carry.

Do you feel the crystal has locked onto you, made a connection within your conscious mind? If so it has found a trace imprint within your etheric field and has chosen to work with you.

These beautiful Blue Star crystals have been waiting for millions of years, they are now active and ready to help their ancient keepers awaken and remember the People of the Blue Stars.

To activate and retrive the recorded messages within your Blue Star from Brazil, place your thumbprint
over the main face, as shown in this picture. Then sit back and relax for a few moments. You feel a mild sensation or vibration through your body, or you may sense a small odd sensation somewhere, or you may not notice it at all. But the download will occur no matter if or how you sense it occuring.

To read my original information on the Australian Smokey Blue Star crystals follow this link:

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