Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jewels of the Golden Dragons

First Batch of our precious Dragon Jewels have arrived!
Jewels of the Golden Dragons
I was amazed at the amount of consummate pure energy emanating from the box. I could hardly contain myself, my hands were shaking, I had to consciously calm and steady my breaths. My excitement and joy was almost more than I could contain.  By now I am very familiar with the energy presence of my Dragon friends, I could feel them all hovering very near to me as I fumbled my way through the tape and packing paper…
 Whewww,  I am still reeling! I wanted to personally call each and every one of you and let you know the Dragon Jewels are finally here! I want to shout it from the rooftops ….LOL
This feels like a major victory for the light workers, there are more to come, but our first wave is here.
Our introduction to the Dragon Jewels from my last blog on the Golden Dragons…
….“One more thing before I go dear Victoria, you will discover in the box a single jewel, this is for you a gift from the golden dragons. Contact your human friend and tell him he sent you one of these. He will not remember doing so, however press him on this. He is a good human, a sympathizer of the ancient Dragon Code and he has been entrusted with our Golden Dragon Jewels. He regards them as “pretty” bits of glass he recovered from his fields over the years. These are not just pretty bits of glass… they are activators of the Dragon Light within your DNA code, stimulators of the human neocortex, they are infused with the energy of the Golden Dragons.  You must recover these and distribute them to their rightful owners, our human family of Dragon lights!
Once you have your Dragon Jewel you will have access to the healing power of the Dragon realm….
Holding a Dragon Jewel will allow you to work with healing energies in a new way. You can call to the frequency of crystals, minerals and metals directing them from the earth, up into and through your feet and lower chakras. You can then discharge this energy through your hands for physical healing purposes.
Or you may choose to call the celestial frequencies and draw them down into and through your higher chakras, discharging the frequency through your heart and eyes for emotional healing.”…
It is time for a new evolutionary leap within the human species; our Dragon jewel is the catalyst to begin your new journey forward!
These beautiful glass like Jewels are infused with the Dragon Signature of power, they radiate light energy and respond to their human keepers thoughts and emotions.
The Jewel of the golden Dragon stimulates the neo-cortex region of the human brain aligning the humans DNA and genetic map with the newly activated blueprint for evolution. This neo-cortex stimulation increases sensory perception, cognitive skills, memory, speech, and language. Humans with these new abilities will be the teachers, leaders and way showers of tomorrow, passing on their acquired knowledge to their students and their new genetic map to their offspring.
 The Dragon Jewels were brought forth through the Dragon realms 5th dimension into your 3rd dimension of reality. Upon their arrival they were scattered/buried in their current location for safe keeping. Now is the time to release them, to place them in the hands of their proper keepers, to empower our human families! The Dragons have returned to watch over, empower and protect both their human families and the precious Jewels. It is time to accept your full power, step into the light and reclaim our beautiful world and all of its innocent inhabitants. It is our time, our world and our Victory!

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  1. Lovely encounters....thought you might be interested in the glassy stones on this beach in California (Glass Beach)
    Unable to post photo, the shores are covered with them.