Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Message from the Dragons!

Tonight, 21 July 2012 at about 6 – 7 pm central time, I was listing dragon Jewels on the website when suddenly I felt an energy I had not experienced before! It was quick, and huge, as though the world had been turned upside down in the blink of an eye!

It left me stunned and unable to move for several minutes’, unsure of exactly what had happened I waited. Several more minutes passed and the feeling of impending despair lingered… I then called for my Dragon Guides.

Precious Lurra my Earth Dragon companion was immediately at my side, I felt tears burning my eyes; “Lurra what just happened!?! ….I asked.  Her face was somber and her eyes were filled with sadness as she spoke…  we have failed in our attempt to block the opening of the shadow portal. What you felt was a burst of chaos upon your world! Beings of darkness and chaotic energies now have an open doorway into your world; with only 5 months left in this epic battle we must remind our precious human family of light to be ever vigilant. Root yourself firmly in the Earths energies; bend like the willow when the Winds of chaos try to uproot you. Many unstable humans will lose their sane thinking processes, the shadows will feed off their chaotic energies. Learn to laugh when fear begins to creep near, sing when anxiety tries to take root, play uplifting music and dance when the thoughts try to turn negative.

 This is a battle that will be fought and won with one soul at time, stay strong, stay rooted in the knowledge of your truths, delight in every small happiness and joy. Allow your smile to spread kindness to everyone you encounter. These are the weapons of victory my dear family and friends!

We of the Dragon realm are doing battle on the ethereal plane alongside many of your strongest light workers that join us while their physical body is at rest; we are grateful for your assistance! Now we are calling ALL humans of the light to spread the energies of calmness and kindness everywhere you go! This may sound like a small silly thing to do, but I assure you it will not be an easy task to accomplish and it will bring many victories! You will need to recharge your energies daily and we will assist you as needed.
Arm yourselves with the energies of rooted peacefulness and joy; this will see you through the next 5 months of Chaos and Dark energy. Uplift each other and do not allow yourselves to be drawn into the “Drama” or personal Chaos traps, these are energy drains and small wins for the dark side. Use your Dragon anchors, pearls and jewels to protect and energize your environments. We are with your precious ones; we WILL win this war on Darkness!

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