Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lemurian Sol Quartz Crystals

I have just received a beautiful shipment of natural slender unpolished, uncut Citrine points. They are gathered by hand from a mine in Gough County, Australia. There have never been large deposits of Citrine found in this area; only small pockets are unearthed at a time. This form of Citrine looks nothing like most Citrine on the market, it is not shaped like an Amethyst tooth from a cluster or geode and it is not a heat treated orange- brown in color. These crystal points are shaped exactly like natural colorless quartz crystal points. They range from very pale Yellow to a deeper yellow with a slight green tint to a Smokey brown- yellow with phantoms; they are all completely natural, just the way they were recovered from the Earth.

These beautiful, powerful citrine points are Lemurian Sol crystals. They measure from about ½ inch to 1 ½ inches in length; They are a natural quartz crystal point with Ferric Iron inclusions creating the beautiful yellow citrine color, the Smokey Citrine ones contain a combination of Silicon Dioxide, Ferric Iron and Aluminum creating its mystical Smokey hue and the phantoms are most likely ancient decayed plant matter or Carbon inclusions. The way to recognize a Lemurian Sol is easy; it looks like a normal colorless, unpolished, uncut natural quartz crystal point with the citrine color or combination of Smokey and Citrine colors. Take a look at the pictures, if you see this rare formation you will know it is a Lemurian Sol crystal.

The Lemurian Sol crystals have a mission; to locate the reincarnated people of Lemuria by scanning and reading their unique Lemurian signature. This can be done through a person viewing the images of the crystals as well as actually holding the crystal. When you view an image or hold one of these crystals, consciously ask it to scan you; many times people are actually able to feel the crystal lock on or scan them, others just feel an immediate familiarity. After the crystal assesses whether or not you are a Lemurian, you will most likely react one of two ways, your interest in the crystal will start to diminish as wonder what attracted you to it in the first place… or you will feel like you have just connected with a part of your real Home. These crystals have much to teach us about healing, technology, spiritual evolution, writing, music, and painting and much more. All based on the records of the Lemurian Societies. Once they are unlocked by their keeper they begin emitting a unique encoded beacon, this resonance will have a rejuvenating affect on the keepers physical and ethereal bodies, allowing them to grow stronger, reclaim any lost personal power and start tapping into a treasured gift that will enrich their life path.

Why the name Lemurian Sol? The name is simple, they re-connect us with our Lemurian Past and activate our Sun chakra, Sol is the ancient word for our Sun. I felt the name Lemurian Sol was perfect for them.

Meditations and information from the Lemurian Sol Teacher crystal will be posted soon~

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  1. How exciting! Looking forward to your next posting.