Friday, April 2, 2010

The Little Smokey Data Pods

The Little Pod crystals

The little Smokey Data Pods are recognized by their unusual size and shape, they sort of resemble a faceted bullet....  this is actually a Classic Muzo growth habit just like the original Lemurian Seed crystals. They also have the horizontal striations etched on their sides. All this leads me to think perhaps there is a Lemurian connection to these beauties.
They have chubby bottoms that taper into small pointy terminations, sometimes to an unusually steep point. Some of them are flat, they have the Pod shape, but instead of chubby, they are flat, like a bullet shaped Tabby, The flat ones have a completely different energy which I will explain below. Currently they are being found in creek beds in the Shires of Gough Co in Australia. These little crystalline Pods are natural Brown to Black Smokey quartz, (none are human irradiated, they are completely natural) and 90% of them are one inch or less in size. The curious thing about these little tools is that they are not pre-programmed with information, they are not connected to any particular lost civilization or star system. What they do is this; they lock onto and download random signals that contain information and transmit it back to you in the form of visions, ethereal sounds, and/or words. There ability is not limited by linear time or dimensions, their search for data seems to know no bounds. While holding one to my third eye, images began passing in front of my mind like flipping through images on a touch screen. I discovered that if I visually grabbed onto and focused on one image, then that is where the data pod would stop; then the image I held onto would expand. The Data Pod would then start downloading whatever information the signal from that image was emitting. The clarity of the images is astounding, words when used are clear, non-emotional, no inflection, but very clear! I have discovered that you can hold one of the data Pods to your third eye and consciously focus the energy toward something you want to know more about, images are returned to your minds eye rather quickly.

The flat Pods do not seem to grab onto random energy signals the way the chubby ones do, rather they seem to be energy amplifiers, hence forth referred to as Amplifier Pods. Place one of these under the base of another crystal and it will act like a super-charged battery, it increases the energy of the larger stone by at least three fold. To feel this yourself, take a quartz crystal of your choice, place it somewhere it will stand alone, prop it up or place in a container of sand so that it stands without your hand touching it. Then clear the palms of your hands by lightly rubbing them together. Then pass your open Palm over the tip of the crystals termination, you should feel a difference in the air space directly over the termination. It may feel cool, or tingly or just different. Notice how it feels, then place the flat Amplifier Pod crystal under the base of the larger crystal, again proping it so it stands alone. Now clear the palms of your hands again and pass them over the tip of the termination, you should feel a significant increase in the energy coming from the larger crystal. The Amplifier Pods increase the energy anywhere you consciously direct its use, it would be interesting to add this formation to a manifestation array and watch the results.

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