Friday, April 16, 2010

Solar Glyphs on the Lemurian Sol crystals

Many of the Lemurian Sol crystals have Etched Circle Glyphs or Solar Glyphs on their faces and body, Some of the Circles are Orb-like in appearence and some have a darker colored center creating a dot inside, like the symbol for Sun. This symbol is Sacred, Universal and Divine; it represents the infinite nature of energy; Scientist say Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms; like energy the circle is eternal.

The Lemurian Sol crystals that bear the mark of the Solar Glyphs carry the most ancient of the Lemurian records, those records that taught the Lemurians and assisted them in building their peaceful society, these carry the original records of the Pleiadian Star people. These records were studied inside the Temple of the Prophetess in Lemuria and preserved there for safe keeping. When the colonist were sent out, the Prophtess gathered her sacred records and took them to the new land, it is these records that were stored inside the crystalline seeds and marked with the Sacred Seal of Lemuria, the symbol for eternal energy the Solar Star, the circle.

If you are drawn to open one of these sacred repositories, be prepared for perhaps a life altering awareness to begin to settle within your mind. As you study and retrive the ancient records you begin to see the goal we as humans are striving to reach and your comprehension of spirit is amplified. It would be difficult to look at everyday life the same way after having viewed a glimpse of this gentle, advanced bio-technology based society. Many people think of Lemurians as just peaceful Dreamers that worked with nature and was very spiritual and ecology minded. Only those who remember, or have retrived the actual records of this society realize just how advanced these gentle people were. They did indeed love nature, because they understood the connection that all life forms have and they deeply respected that connection. Their tech was engineered in such a way that nature was included within it, all woven together so intimatly one could not be distinguished from the other. The Lemurians worked, played and lived with nature as part of every aspect of their lives, even their Spiritual studies were based in nature; holding sacred the interwoven network of all energy life forms. Their horticulture was infused with crystalline bio-technology, this is how they were able to engineer their spectacular Crystal flower gardens, and their amazing Aromatherapy gardens.
These are exciting tools to work with and I am honored to be able to assist in reuniting them with their Lemurian Keepers

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