Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Australia's Lemurian connection

My teacher crystal for the Australian Quartz is this gorgeous giant Data Pod I recieved a few weeks ago. Most Data pods are more or less about 1 inch tall, this one is 2 3/4 inches tall making it a giant among Data
The first info it wanted to give me was on the retrieving location, Australia. Now I know why the Lemurian Sprout Teacher crystal revealed its Lemurian on to discover more!

Quartz crystals from Australia

The name Australia is derived from the Latin word Australis, meaning southern. Legends of an "unknown land of the south" (terra Australis incognita) date back to Roman times but are not documented by any geographical knowledge of the continent. The first recorded use of the word was in 1625 in a small paper published by Samuel Purchas.

An Amazing combination of minerals is being recovered from the Australian Continent. Although this is the world’s smallest continent, it has been inhabited for well over 40,000 years by almost 250 different language groups and cultures. Human habitation of Australia is estimated to have begun between 42,000 - 48,000 years ago. It is believed that Lemuria broke apart about 26,000 years ago and Atlantis sank approximately 12,000 years ago.

My Australian Teacher Crystal tells me a group of colonist from Lemuria went to Terra Australis to preserve the lineage, culture and history of their people. Later a group of Atlantean colonist also went to Terra Australis, hoping to reunite with descendents of their Lemurian teachers and build a new Lemurian-Atlantis culture. By this time however the Lemurians had long ago locked away their secrets storing them in quartz crystalline seeds and planting the seeds in the mineral rich earth; the Atlantean colony never located the Lemurians and finally integrated into the local cultures. The original Lemurians knew a day would come where they could reincarnate and gain access through the quartz crystals to their societies records again. These wise ancient souls encoded the seeds with a specific Lemurian resonance to make it impossible for the casual user, curiosity seeker or person of negative intent to unlock their precious tools.

I am told by my beautiful teacher crystal that hundreds of thousands of Lemurians have indeed incarnated on this planet since 1900 and many are now ready to reclaim their records and step into the role they agreed to play in the dawning of our new world. I was also advised that only those people who have actually lived in the Lemurian culture will be able to recognize and unlock the ancient Lemurian records. Others may be drawn to them simply for their beauty or because just being near the pure crystalline frequency just makes them feel better, however, the crystal will not unlock its recorded information. What It will do for them is this; raise their vibratory rate, increase spontaneous acts of healing and act as a catalyst for a spiritual leap forward in their soul evolution.

The Quartz crystals being retrieved from this ancient continent are mainly being found by small private parties, the larger mining companies are for the most part, interested in the metal ores. While mining for these ores they are dredging up many of the ancient crystalline tools, or opening small pockets of them, making it easier for the ancient Lemurian tools to be gathered by hand. I have been fortunate and blessed to locate an honorable local couple thats loves fossicking (Rock hounding and collecting) and supplies me with all my carefully and lovingly hand recovered Australian-Lemurian tools.

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