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Atlantis Fire Dragon stone ~ The elemental stone of Fire & Earth

 My supply of Red Volcanic Stone was recovered by hand from the ancient lava flows of the southwestern United States. Several weeks ago I was contacted by a sweet couple, rock hound/stone enthusiasts that I had met a few years ago during a dig. I was asked if I would be interested in some Red Volcanic stone they had recovered during their trips out west. I was very intrigued and told them “Yes, of course, please send me what you are willing to part with” … When my parcel arrived I could hardly believe the energy I was holding in my hands! As I opened the box and began to unwrap each of the stones I felt an instant connection to these ancient beings. Wow, not sure how exactly to describe what I felt but something like the grounding energy of fire!?!

 I knew I had to take them into meditation to learn more…..

When I knew the time was right to connect with my ancient Sirian heir Teacher, I brought 6 of these Stones with me. I placed them in a low flat tray of sand; somehow Rose petals did not seem right for these beings. As my focus began to shift between realities, I felt the need to hold a stone in each hand…That’s when the first image appeared before my ethereal vision. A large ancient Fire Dragon, there were sparks of Gold, Orange and Red that glistened and ignited off her scales. I was more than a little surprised as I do not normally see such beings in my meditations. I brought my complete attention to this magnificent one, waiting for her to speak, anxious to learn more. I did not have to wait long, the dragon began to speak

” As you know, on 11.11.11 The Portal of the Ancients was opened; many of us have walked through and now exist on both planes of reality. The Ancient Dragons, the Fairies, the mermaids and mermen, the council of Atlantis, all of the ancient legends and mythical intelligent beings that once inhabited your planet have returned to guide those that can sense them. We are working with the stone beings to bring our presence into your reality. I am the first of the Primal elements needed to balance the wave of chaos energy that will continue to sweep across your planet over the next 13 months. It is imperative that you consciously raise your vibrations to match those of the light wave. Otherwise the energy will be experienced as pure Chaos in your lives. You must gather all the primal element stones and use them daily in your life.  The Red Volcanic stones hold the key to working with the Atlantean Fire Dragon energy; my frequency balances combustible emotions and roots them in the heart of your planet. During the time of Atlantis Dragons and Humans were allies, we worked together to bring about peace between all the races and species of the Stars. As you remember, not everyone in Atlantis or even in the Universe wanted peace, we were betrayed; Atlantis and most of her advancements fell into legend. It is time to allow us to open your memories. All former citizens of Atlantis we need your help as we prepare for battle once again, the time is now. I have personally infused these dragon stones with my energies; when you align your frequency to mine you too will hold the powers of transmutation! Use that power to change chaos and negative power and your own frequency will rise. You are holding pieces of my life force in your hands, treat these bits of my soul with honor!”
....the dragon faded from my awareness…

Instantly I saw my usual beautiful teacher appear and I spent what seemed like days walking and talking about the new energies, the ancient dragons and what this all meant for us here on Earth. I have written below the gifts I was told about concerning the Fire & Earth stones

This stone is pure fire, primal magma from the heart of our Earth Mother that has taken solid form. This is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone that can work with Fire or Dragon energies.  The power of this stone is rooted in transmutation, the ability to change from one form or state of being into another. Remember this stone was once intense, pure liquid fire and is now a solid earth stone! It has the double power of two out of four of our basic elements of science, Fire and Earth.

 The energy of the Fire Dragon stone is direct, powerful, impassioned, assertive and determined. A very useful energy for those who are indecisive, timid, or who generally feel they are too weak to fight back or stand up for themselves. Born of fire, these molten creations rise to the surface and become magical, porous creations of earth. They now possess the gifts of Spontaneous Fire energies with those of practicality, restraint and common sense. This combination is a powerful one generally reserved for those in the roles of leadership. An immensely useful tool when doing energy work or healing, it works something like a black hole in space, sucking in and transmuting all forms of negative energy. Simply place the stone over an area of the body or in a room you feel is out of balance, the stone will immediately begin to draw out the offending energy thread, hook or stream, transmuting it into light as it passes into and through the stone. They do not retain any of the frequencies that pass through them so there is no need to cleanse them; they do however enjoy time in the Sun, rather like a cat enjoys a sunny window sill.

 The frequency emitted by this stone is like a burning fire that dwells within our souls; it gives us the strength to fight for the things we believe in, even when it feels like the odds are stacked against us. This power house of energy transmutes the situation against you into a tidal wave of positive energy that is working for you; allowing you to turn dreams and goals into reality. It will consume burn up and dissipate any energy that comes against your goals; fire does not know fear or self-doubt. The energy emitted by the Earthly side of the Fire Dragon stone remains grounded in truth and love, inspired by compassion and rooted in spiritual longing.

The frequency of this stone is very calming and strengthening to those who are quick to anger. It is also helpful when we are feeling scattered or seem to have lost the ability to control our emotional self. This can occur when we have too much fire energy. The Fire dragon stone brings about a natural and gentle balance, allowing us to root our scattered energies deep within the Earth Mother. This connection to the earth allows us to develop focus and find our point of inner stillness.

Geological information about these stones:

These elemental stones are rich in minerals gathered deep in the earth's core; they contain a combination of 11 powerful elements, minerals & micro-minerals:

Iron, magnesium, pyroxine, olivine, amphibole and plagioclase feldspar, with small amounts of the minerals hornblende, biotite, mica, magnetite and quartz.
The red fire rock varies from a deep, rich red to bright orange in color. This type of stone starts out as lava, a pure molten fire deep within the earth. It transmutes into solid stone when molten lava is spewed into the air during volcanic eruptions. As the lava begins to cool, tiny pockets of gas trapped inside create air bubbles. These air filled bubbles burst and leave holes in the newborn stone; this process transmutes the element Fire into the element Earth.
Now the molten Fire has become a solid porous, light volcanic stone that possesses the primal energies of both Fire & Earth.


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  1. I was working on something personal in a part of the house that doesn't have a Fire Dragon Stone in it.. and felt impressed to take one in with me. I gathered one up and carried it in, and was instantly shown, in my minds eye.. a vortex opening .. it was so cool.. It rotated counterclockwise and the stopped.. for about 5 seconds and then rotated clockwise.. As I was marveling on this Vision.. I was given to understand that I was to hold the Fire Dragon Stone in my Left hand.. hold it upward.. above my head and in a circling motion with my arm.. rotate/circle 3 times counterclockwise, and then stop for 5 seconds and then repeat the motion, this time, clockwise 3 times. I did this.. and instantly in the room, I saw the opening into another dimension. It moved continuously but not in any circular motion.. but as if things in the room I was in, were drawn to a different realm.. I was so awed.. Then I did and completed my healing work. After I was done the Fire Dragon Stone, reminded me to close the opening, in Exactly the opposite of the way I opened it.. so first rotating/circling clockwise 3 times, and stop for 5 seconds and then counterclockwise 3 times.. the opening closed.

    The energy I have had with me, since opening that Door? Vortex? is beautiful and I feel Good!