Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The White Lakshmi stone (pronounced luck–Shmee)

This beautiful White Lakshmi Stone was recovered from the mines in Kymore, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a metamorphic composition mineral composed of Calcite, Limestone, Quartz Silica and Carbon from fossil material. The Stones color is gleaming White; some of the stones have a pale silvery grey color streaking in them; this is remnants of carbon fossils. I was sent a sample of this stone last month and I was so thrilled with its energy levels I knew I wanted to be able to offer this to everyone. I could feel its connection to a source of pure light.
I decided to take this ancient being into a journey meditation to ask my Star nation teacher what I could learn from this stone… As soon as I settled into my meditation, I began to sense a very strong source of light, at first I found it difficult to look directly at it. Slowly the light began to dim and I sensed a very pure being nearby, my teacher emerged in front of me and began to speak….
 “Welcome dear sister… I see you have discovered an ancient treasure. The stone being you are asking about carries the energy frequency of a precious light being from a planet we know as Lakshmi in the galaxy you call Andromeda. This being of pure light took a female physical form and resided on your planet about 36,000 years ago. Because of her luminous golden skin, abilities of manifestation, and her many teachings on life in the cosmos, humans worshipped her as a Goddess of Prosperity and Knowledge, the 8 pointed star became the symbol of her cosmic world.  For thousands of years she was able to transform their lives from poverty into spiritual and physical abundance, their civilizations prospered and grew. When it was time for her to return to her home world, she promised the people of Earth that she would always be available to help them. She picked up a shiny white stone from the nearby mountains and encoded her energy stream within it. Telling them…”When you need my help just hold one of these stones and call my name, I will send a particle of my light and you will be abundantly blessed.”  
This is the stone you have brought to me today; you are to give this stone its proper name once again the “White lakshmi Stone”. It holds a key to raising the human energy frequency, this vibratory change results in increased prosperity, spiritual awareness and knowledge. Your stone being brings the gifts of the Goddess Lakshmi back to Earth and humanity once again.”……
 As my Journey began to fade I sensed a soft glow surround me, like the petals of a lotus flower gently wrapping around me. I heard a soft, gentle voice saying…”My name is Miabuush, my home is Lakshmi, take this particle of light and be blessed”… I felt a tiny spark on the very top of my head and then the vision was gone; I had received a blessing directly from Miabuush of Lakshima.
 This stone is encoded with the energy of a precious being of light, use its gift when you need to increase Prosperity and Abundance. Exceptionally helpful to business owners, Students, Healers or anyone that needs more knowledge, business, money or spiritual awareness in their life.
 This is a bit of the information I found on line after my meditation with the White Lakshmi Stone....
“Lakshmi is the name of the Goddess of good fortune, she is a beautiful woman with golden skin sitting or standing on an open White Lotus flower and Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands. Lakshmi is derived from a Sanskrit phrase that loosely means “accomplished goals”.

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