Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shakti Stones ~ from Mount Shasta Area

Shakti Stones
 Amphibolic Basalt Stones from the creeks and river runoffs around Mount Shasta
The natural smooth and rounded shapes of the beautiful and soothing Shakti stones are created when the ancient Volcanic Basalt rocks fall into glacial streams and rivers. They are then tumbled and tossed for eons in the currents of the sacred Mountain waters before they finally land on the banks of a remote creek. Each one of these stones was recovered gently and gratefully by hand with honor and respect. I have them in shades of Red, Green, Black/grey, Brown and White Amphibolic Basalt.
All basalt stones originate from hardened volcanic ash and contain varying amounts of the minerals Amphibole, Pyroxene, Chlorite, Anorthite, Olivine, epidote, Plagioclase, Feldspar and Magnetite. These Shakti stones are infused with the sacred energies of the ancient Masters that call this holy mountain home.
Shakti is the divine breath of original source or cosmic energy that resides within these sacred stones. We know that all matter is made up of tiny particles called atoms and that atoms are made of swirling microcosms of energy, or life force.  Holding a Shakti stone is like cradling a living, self-aware galaxy within the palm of your hand!  It is a microcosmic power-house of energy waves we know as divine source, the sacred pure frequency of creation. These sacred stones are vessels/conduits for Shakti, Prana the Divine light and cosmic energy.
 Each stone is searching for the human energy frequency that matches the source energy signature they carry within their own crystalline atomic structure. Sometimes several of the Shakti Stones will seek out the same human, this occurs when the humans life path is one of great service to others, such as energy healers, counselors, life coach, teachers, herbalists and light workers. It is their purpose to draw the sacred Shakti directly from original source of pure light and infuse the human healer and their work space with this precious Prana breath. They function at high frequency when placed in a room where energy work or meditation is performed almost daily and it is here they like to congregate in groups that amplify the Shakti energy cycle. They remind us that life really matters and that all matter is teaming with atomic life. In Latin, by the way, the word matter is the base or root of our word for mother (mater). 
The Shakti stones were awakened and activated during the wave of 11.11.11 and they have given me a message concerning that sacred date and some of the affects people are feeling:
There has been a great deal of confusion about what happened on 11.11.11, there was no big physical sensation, no outer awareness that anything out of the ordinary was happening, in fact this date came and went in calm silence for most people. When the “Portal of the Ancients” was opened, a precious, gentle energy waved flowed through. These dear ones are only working with and through humans that have given their permission to be fined tuned to allow their life path missions to be accelerated quickly.
Sometimes the energies feel chaotic as the physical body Adjusts to the finer, higher frequencies of the pure light you are being infused with. Please understand, the chaos energy is an illusion, a physical interpretation of what appear to be stumbling blocks placed in your path. In reality these little annoyances are simply there to slow us down for a few days so we can better absorb and integrate with our accelerated vibration. We are being forced to examine every relationship in our life, does it fit where you are going, is it a positive addition to your life, is that relationship a blessing to you or an albatross tied to your ankle? You cannot drag anyone along as you accelerate; you are being reminded that only those that provide a positive, uplifting influence in your life can peacefully co-exist alongside your new signature.
There is one ability that has been activated and amplified first, before all others and it is causing sooo much confusion… many of you already know this to be fact, Empathy!
 The Empaths have really had a roller coaster, difficult time lately; they are feeling an influx of spontaneous emotions; the issues, the pain, the sadness, the joy, the grief, the triumphs, the love the confusion and so on and so on…. At any given moment of the day an Empath may suddenly experience emotions that have nothing to do with anything going on in their own lives. You need to be aware that you have just connected with another human and are fully feeling what that person is feeling.
This is part of your healing work, to fine tune, understand and use your empath abilities to heal others, not only emotionally, but sometimes physically as well. As Empaths you have a specific mission to fulfill, allowing your bodies to receive the higher vibrating energy from the ascended masters of wisdom and gently stepping it down to the general population, as well as all living matter. The Shakti Stones anchor these higher energies within the body allowing the Empath to use themselves as a tool of diagnostic perception.
However, first you must learn what the signature frequency of your own personal emotions feel like; notice that you have a different energy signature from any other living thing, more personal than a fingerprint. Learn to identify what your own pattern feels like and what feels foreign to you, belonging to someone else. Once you are able to distinguish your signature from that of another, your emotions from someone else’s imprint you will understand and become calmer. This new awareness will allow you to instantly know when someone is reaching out for help on the cosmic level. You do not even need to see their face to help them, as an Empath you will simply infuse your mind and body with healing, soothing Cosmic light energy and send it out on the same energy signature you experienced as unfamiliar emotions. In this way you are able to send healing to anyone/any living matter anywhere that is able to call out for assistance. You can assist all manner of life in this way, even the Stones, Trees, Animals and Oceans are able to send out requests for help; your job is to learn the frequency pattern of the different life forms and respond with healing energy and loving kindness to their requests for help.
 There are intense shifts ahead, some having to do with Earth and weather cycles that will leave many souls crying out for help. During these times the emotions can be crippling if you have not learned to filter the energy and help one by one. Remember there are others that are Empaths as well and you are all tuning in and helping as a unified group on the cosmic level. It is imperative that you learn how to understand and direct energy for the healing and guidance that will be needed. So many humans will feel cut off from their source of power, lost or have just been pushed too far! Remember that all the light workers are being fined tuned right now and everyone is helping to uplift their neighbors and their world. We are not in this change alone; we are a unified group drawing strength from the one source of pure divine light and love!
The ancient souls of the Ascended Masters are walking with us, gently uplifting, nudging us forward. They cannot make decisions for us, they will not tell you what to do, they can only accelerate your energy frequency and place gentle suggestions in your path, it is up to you to learn how to be of service and where you are most needed. You must make your own choices on this path, grow in strength and self awareness, know your own worth and own your spiritual responsibilities. It is so important for empaths to stay clear of negativity and align with the higher frequencies in order for them to accomplish their life’s mission. The Shakti Stones help Empaths to understand themselves as embodied and empowered Beings of Light~
I have noticed that some of these stones want to be rubbed with sacred oils, this deepens the color and seems to amplify the energies. I pictured an oblong one in the blog that appears matte Black after anointing it with Virgin Olive oil, the energy is indescribable really! I have another one that is circular that wanted to be infused with citrus oil, after complying I felt my own physical energy level snap to attention! What a total rush of energy! I feel like these sacred beings have no trouble communicating what  they need or desire to their keepers, just listen and you too will be rewarded with amazing infusions of divine energy~

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