Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ruby Scalar Energy Pendant

Ruby Scalar Energy Pendants

Creating a stream of pure universal love energy!

I have to say, these beautiful, energetic pendants were inspired by a lady of tremendous spiritual beauty and light, thank you Natalia!

When worn on the body Rubies are warm and fiery stones that can change your world!

Molybdenite empowers and amplifies the energy of Rubies, while the little round opals act as a catalyst for spontaneous and profound visions that propel us forward toward our spiritual destiny. I have added the lengendary Romantic seeds of Pomegranates and Strawberries to spark the energy of new life and sacred love. The Ancient resins of White Copal and Frankincense behave as an anchor that secures and ties the Rubys energy to the wearer. This combination of stone and metal and Resins creates a spark of ethereal light energy with the wearer that travels throughout the brain and body in a continuous spiral that dissolves all manner of physical & emotional darkness, from Stress, Grief, Anger, Resentment or feelings of unworthiness, to mutated cells and tiny beginnings of dis-ease that hide in dark recesses of the body.

This tiny spark of ethereal light begins to replace the darkness with sparks of life affirming joy, Pure Love, health and emotional balance. The more you wear your Ruby Scalar Energy jewelry, the stronger the ethereal spark becomes and with this new freedom from the chains of negative emotions you begin to take control of your destiny. You begin to see and speak clearly what your objectives should be and you start to see goals clearly and joyfully manifest in your life.

The energy from a ruby is intense yet stabilizing, they are especially useful for small business owners as they create an aura of financial stability around the wearer that acts like a magnetic field, drawing those circumstances to the keeper that will open doors leading to success and prosperity, however, as with all opportunities... you yourself have to walk through them to make these changes happen. This delightful stone raises your self-image and emits a sense of joy from your heart that draws positive people to you; they just want to be around you!

These pendants have a distinct energy pattern that is very different than the original Molybdenite scalar energy pendants. The Ruby energy is so amazing, it is the feeling of being loved, it is the energy of home comfort, at ease with everyone, so happy to be alive, absolute knowing that you are a treasured and loved being. I think if everyone wore one of these we would have the most beautiful and loving race of planetary beings anywhere in the Universe!


  1. I am definitely buying one! My daughter and I will have to share it until I get another one. I'm rather fond of the heart shaped one.

    All of them are gorgeous, it was ALMOST hard to chose. ;) The heart one is really pretty.

  2. well I must say,,,I was looking for something else when I found these new pendants Victoria had decided to spend my last dollars on 5 of them ...not even knowing who was getting what or why...I felt a kindship with Victoria right off the bat, and decided it was best if she felt what pendant went to who and ironically she felt I had not included someone who should have one and she was absolutely right she lovingly insisted she would send this other sister one as she KNEW she needed one too,,Later it was revealed why this was so personal to her.. they both have experienced a very unique challenge.which affected their heart to the greatest depth,,the birth of a child with a rare and SERIOUS medical condition..I didnt include myself in the purchasing but Victoria INSISTED one wanted to come to me,,so I obliged...these were all going out for Valentines,,so perfect,,hee hee,,,well I recieved mine and thought she was cool but wasnt blown away or anything per se..I loved her colors and her energy felt grounding for me.which is very rare for me to be in that mode,,anyhoo,,,the first night I kept feeling extreme deja vu of my younger years,,I felt like I was 25 again and having vivid memories of those beautiful years,,this continued and I did keep thinking every morning ,I kind of look younger today..hhmmnn.... it was the night BEFORE the full moon and I was fast asleep and I felt an overwhelming full body orgasm,,and when it subsided another one came,,OMG....I was a little embarassed with my hubby sleeping soundly next to me, I thought this hasnt happened to me since I was in my 20s or 30s,Im almost 51 so....the following night again asleep a VERY powerful spinning occured in my lower chakra area,,It was extremely fast like a wound up toy realising itself..It was going counterclockwise,,,so loud to me and VERY strong I thought I might fly out of the bed,,again as it was slowing I felt a lower level Im wondering what is going on with me?? ,,I emailed my sisters who recieved these as gifts and subtely asked if they have experienced any other bodily pleasures spontaneously starting with an O ..everyone I asked responded in a big embarrassing ,,,YES.... so I had to share this with Victoria,,,she had been experiencing these as well but with help from her hubby..ha ha..since the full moon again I have been experiencing extreme deja vu on my youth,,my beautiful years,,right???.I do strongly believe these are from the healing temples of rejuvenation,Ive been there before myself and have always known this was possible ..and was going to happen in this lifetime,I wasnt expecting it from this pendant so was very pleasantly surprised,,I think the energy is strongest with the moon,,for now,, I think there is much more and Victoria will be made aware of the miraclious uses of this energy the more it is shared,,It is from the Goddess for the Goddess,,and sweet beautiful sisters,,, Remember we are all Goddess es,,we can heal the world with our love...lets pull together and see only the pure undiluted beauty that resides in each of our beings...share your love and your heart felt light,Thank you Victoria for sharing your love ..sorry if this was long....I love you and all my sisters!

  3. Desiree, sweet sister…
    Thank you for expressing your very private experiences with the Ruby Pendant. I do want to clarify that such intensely personal experiences do not happen to everyone.

    Each person will get what they need from the energy released by the Ruby Scalar pendants. For some the awakening of the Feminine Fire will be as you have described, for others, it will be as the Goddess said; building slowly as though you were nurturing a tiny flame. Each person will experience the energy in a way that is comfortable and empowering for them.

    I was given the formula to create these pendants as a catalyst to ignite the TaNa, the tiny spark of ethereal light and power that resides within women. Once this divine spark is kindled, it begins to replace emotional stumbling blocks with waves of life affirming happiness, pure Spiritual Love, health and emotional balance. This is what most women are experiencing, the release of darkness, joy flowing through their hearts and soul; the restoring of a healthy balance within the emotional mind and heart.

    As a result of this balance women are gaining the confidence within themselves to take control of their Destiny, to see and speak clearly exactly what their objectives are. Women are gaining a new found self respect that gives them the strength to move away from all manner of physical & emotional darkness, a very healing and empowering energy.

    Whatever your reason for choosing the Ruby Scalar energy Pendants, I hope that you will post your experiences here so others can decide if this is something that would benefit their lives as well.

  4. I am posting this for Dia, at her request....
    Wow! I must tell you all that I have had and been wearing my most beautiful Ruby Scalar Pendent now for over a week. The different energies that have filled me with the most wonderful feelings that I have to tell you all about!
    I have felt such a kindness of pure love a warmth like being held in the most kind, caring, secure, and pure loveing arms.
    I have had a renewing of self confidence that has been empowering me with a confidence of YES!! I Can Do this and I Can Do That Too!! The sky and beyound are the limits!! NO Wait!! LOL There are NO limits of what I can do!!
    Then there is another energy that I have had, Physical Energy!! I have so much energy that I am finally getting everything thing done! All my household chorse and more are getting done!! LOL Now the first thing right away I noticed that at night when going to bed, I have been sleeping so sound!! I actually go right to sleep and stay asleep all night and wake up feeling so rested!! Thank you so very very much for this most needed beautiful pendant!!
    I wish everyone on this planet could get one and recieve the needs of their earthy body is longing for and in need of. I think this pendant sends healing to each person as they need. A personal, spiritual, emotional, body, mind and soul restoring each person to their divine true self and well being.
    Much Love to you my beautiful and most wonderful teacher, godess, my best friend, but I'm most blessed by having you for my sister!!
    I Love you so very much Sis!!

  5. I bought some about two years ago, and we still wear them. I have given some to my daughter, and close friends, and have a stash of my own. (I gave another one away today - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, ARRON!)

    Thanks so much for making these for me oh so long ago. I just wanted to drop you a line, see how you were doing, and let you know that each and every one is still appreciated.