Monday, February 27, 2012

The Andes White Air Dragons~ Our First Mother/Teachers

The White Air Dragon Stones were recovered from the South Eastern side of the Andes Mountains of Peru. This pure creamy White Limestone is composed of Calcium Carbonate, a form of soft Calcite that is created by the decomposing shells of marine life; it rates about 2 on the mohs scale. This type of Limestone formed during the Cretaceous period between 100 and 60 million years ago during a period when global temperatures and sea levels were exceptionally high. This coincided with the breakup of the supercontinent Pangea.. Limestone was the building material of choice for many ancient sites, including the great Pyramid of Giza. The 144,000 casing stones were created from White Limestone while the bulk of the Pyramid's core was constructed of 4,000- to 40,000-pound blocks of soft limestone.
When this box arrived I was so excited, I knew the white stones of the Air Dragons were finally here. I rushed to open them and instantly felt I should do this in my meditation area. I lit my favorite incense, said my affirmation of positive influence; then I sat down to open, unwrap and meet these dear ones…
As I gazed upon the simple purity and beauty of the white stones that lay in front of me, I was amazed at the immediate energy response I was feeling from them, like an old friend! I wanted to gather all of them in my arms and hug them tight, I felt a peaceful calming air fall across me and I just wanted to sit quietly in their presence. I looked down at my hands and saw a bit of soft white dust on my fingers that had been left behind from the pure stones. I sensed the need to draw a symbol over my 3rd eye using the dust on my fingertip; the symbol looked like this….  (later I looked this up and it is the alchemy symbol for Air)… As I drew this out I felt the change of energy immediately… then I saw the beautiful White dragon sitting quietly in front of me, as if she had been waiting for me to notice her…
“…Come nearer Anaya….. I am Akor”, her soft voice was both gentle and authoritative at the same time. As I drew closer to her she turned to look directly at me that’s when I saw those large Violet Dragon eyes…Wow! The eyes get me everytime!
“Anaya…. look into my eyes and remember!… I was there when your soul emerged from the pool of Celestial primordial consciousness. You have had many incarnations on many worlds with many different names… I know them all; to me you will always be… Anaya! There are exactly 42,000 original celestial souls on this Earth at any given time, each one with a specific work to do. Every 25,000 years new souls are birthed from the Celestial Pool of creation, the Primordial consciousness! When this era comes there are galactic celebrations throughout the ancient Stars. All of the older light spirits gather around this area of the cosmos in a huge circle. We are known as the Council of Elders in your ancient memories. Here we await each new soul as its light bursts into conscious awareness. The new soul is asked to choose its first teachers from the circle of beings. When the soul has made its choice, it is then taken in by the ancient ones and taught their ways….You … Anaya, chose the Dragon people as your first teacher.
I, Akor took you in as your first Mother/Teacher. I taught you the ways of Dragon honor, to always walk in the light drawing its power within you, to defend the weak with your full heart, to heal the injured with your breath of life and to uplift those that have grown weary, carrying them with your own courage and strength. In our schools we teach our charges to work on the ethereal energy plane using their minds, breath and hearts to create their realities, to see through dimensional walls, and to increase the vibratory rate of all living things … this is the way of the dragon hearts. You learned quickly, becoming strong in our ways and after a few short timespans you were ready for work on the slower evolving planets.
Those who are being drawn to search for their dragon heritage and the stones that contain our energies, these are Original Souls that were birthed at the same time you were, they also chose the Dragon people as their first Teacher/Parents. They can feel and sense our presence, they know we are here. Manyt have not yet connected to their most ancient memories; my stone will awaken those memories. Once awakened, they will be able to use their Dragon families Sacred Dragon Pearl stone.”……. I remember hearing something….did she say Dragon pearl?
These are the missions and life paths you and our family of souls feel so drawn to complete!” …I could hear Akor’s sweet voice … but I was already lost in those familiar violet eyes, swimming in the long forgotten memories of original birth, a birth into absolute LOVE, acceptence and kindness. No wonder we are always seeking the path back to this source, the beauty and joy is beyond describable, I feel connected to everything yet complete in my own being… there are NO words that express this completeness…I finally GET it! Lol…I remember! ….
…”Anaya! You can focus on that place of peaceful awareness during meditation anytime you choose, but now you must focus on my message to take the next step on your earth journey. You must get this message to as many of our family of Dragon hearts as possible. There is so little time left; they must use our stone to awaken their oldest memories, the ones of our home world, our teachings and our love for each one of you! Our Soft White Stone is only a part of our gift, however, you must have this first, work with it, awaken to the being you originally chose to be before we can send you our Dragon Pearls”…..hmmm …did I hear that right!?! Ok…What exactly is a Dragon Pearl?
“Anaya, Wait! I will answer your questions when the time is right … For now, you need to know this….
We the White Dragons of Loga are here to call forth our precious children, those original ancient Souls that chose us as their first teacher/parents! We want our children to know this…You are already well on your path, you have felt your calling deep within your soul, you know your purpose and you know the time is now! You have been quickening and cleansing and powering up your abilities, you have been fine tuning your energy skills… you are ready dear ones! Reclaim your tools and join your Dragon family’s work. It is time to change the frequency of this planet and you each have a special part to play in this!
I also want you to understand why we chose to infuse our energy in the Bio-based Limestone. A simple and pure stone of Earth formed from the shells of life in the ancient waters of this planet. Touch its softness and remember my Dragon skin, remember how we use to play in the white sands of Loga, remember our code of honor and loyalty to all that is pure and holy…then we will bring you our Dragon Pearls.
This pure form of the Limestone is a perfect representation of your own spiritual evolvement. Like you, it begins in a soft, pure state, it will damage and scar if handled roughly. Hold it under a bright light or a microscope; you will see very tiny glistening seeds of quartz scales scattered here and there throughout these stones. As they evolve and metamorphose the quartz Scales grow larger hardening the soft Limestone with the Quartz. This changing integration of the light capturing quartz is like your own path of light, the more light you are able to hold and emit, the stronger you become. When the Pure White Limestone Metamorphoses into the harder Quartz Limestone mixture you have the Sacred Lakshmi Stone. Then as this stone ages even more, our Silicone Quartz Dragon Scales become even larger and glisten like the small moons of our home world….that is a story for another day!
I felt a warm spray of light, like a sunbeam fall over my consciousness and I was back, sitting in my meditation area cradling the soft young stones in my arms. I was aware of a content smile on my face and a peace deep within my soul that I had not noticed before. When I reach my right hand out, I think I can feel the soft glistening skin of my original Mother/teacher sitting beside me… I am truly a blessed being!

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  1. Sister, that is amazing! Your (their) words hit a chord deeply rooted in the energetic patterns of the Elders, the Ancients who reside within me. All of this is so familiar. I resonate fully with the Dragon Medicine in the sacred way. It's vibrations are parallel to the Star Tapping I practice. It is so wonderful to read your words and to know that THEY are re-connecting many of us into what we have known for a long, long time. Very validating information. I am grateful to you. You are a bright and beautiful star!

  2. My Precious Star Sister... We are all being reconnected through the sacred Dragon Energies. Our beautiful Teachers and friends have returned to help us remember who we are. You honor us all with your gracious words, Thank you for your post.