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The Water Dragons of Mu and Emme Ya~ Their dragon Scale stones

The Dragon Scale stones are a composite mineral of Black Amphibole Hornblende with Quartz and Glimmerite recovered from the Burrow Mountains of New Mexico, USA in aproximatly 1993.

Finally… I have received the next box of stones from my contact. I remembered what my old friend Lurra, the Earth Dragon had told me about the Water Dragons; That they would be the next Dragons to return to Earth, so I wondered if perhaps their stone connection might be in this box. I picked it up expecting a rush of energy similar to what I had experienced before…. Instead it simply felt like a heavy box. Nothing so far, ok well maybe the dragon stone is not in here, let’s have a look and see who IS here. I began cutting the tape loose and popping open the top flap….hmmm I still don’t feel an energy from inside…As I removed the crumpled newspapers stuffed around the corners and crevices, I remember thinking…”it has been a long time since I received a box of stone beings and not felt something from them as I open the box.”…. ahhhh, finally getting to the precious stones now, I notice the bundles are all wrapped in newspapers. I casually told the stones that I hope everyone is ready for a bath when we finish unwrapping, we will need it to remove the messy newspaper ink! I started unwrapping the first little package, a medium size stone; I shake my head at the yellowed masking tape and wonder just how long these precious beings have been stored away? Perhaps they are sleeping still; when I get this paper off I know the energy will awaken. I start to tear away the paper, anxious to see and feel the new arrivals. I can hardly contain my curiosity any longer, as I rip off the final shreds of paper I am speechless at the glistening Blackness in my hand…I can hardly move my eyes away from the beauty I am holding…What are you!?! I search for the packing slip and find only a piece of paper with a note scrawled across it.. “Black Amphibole Hornblende with Glimmerite, 1993 ”…hmmm ok, well let’s unpack everyone and give you a bath.
Every Stone being I unwrapped seemed to be more beautiful than the one before, some had streaks/layers of obvious White Quartz sandwiched within them. I gathered the basket I was placing everyone in and took them to the bath. I placed each stone into the empty tub and then ran to get 3 gallons of natural Artesian Well water to pour over them. I am blessed to have access to a natural underground spring of healing mineral water, the Abita Springs are known for their healing energies and this is what I bath all my stones in now. I kneel down to pour the water over the stones and as I empty the first gallon and reach for the second one, I feel a gentle mist, almost like a spray of water against my cheek. Where did that spray come from, pouring water from a gallon jug does not create a spray mist…odd? Oh well….I opened the second gallon and I start to pour the water over the gorgeous celestial black stones…. Welll….. I guess THAT did it!….the next thing I am aware of ..
…I am standing near a very tall and graceful waterfall; I become aware of tiny droplets of mist spraying onto my face. I had not consciously asked for a meditation journey, I was not prepared… where am I? Is someone here with me? I gazed inquisitively into the ancient Waterfall and realized the continuous cascade of pristine water is like a curtain, camouflaging the rather large entrance to a cave. As I peer into the water attempting to see beyond it, something catches my attention… behind the sparkling curtain of falling water I see two very large Ice Blue Eyes staring back at me…I involuntarily gasped …Oh My Goodness! …Then I remembered what Lurra had taught me ...I knew to keep looking into those eyes, this was a Sacred Dragon. I could feel the energy building within and all around me, then a flash of pale blue light exploded in front of me and I knew who this was! Nawall!... Nawall!!! I remember you! Lurra..are you here? It’s our friend Nawall, he has returned to Earth.
Then I heard the gentle voice of my old Earth dragon friend…”Yes Damia, I am here, but this is Nawall’s time with you. Listen carefully and get his message out to his people!”
Now, I am barely able to contain my excitement… I heard the silky musical voice of Nawall before I saw his body…Lady Damia, Will you help me reunite with my people? We must combine our energies and prepare for the Season of light…..Then I saw those penetrating pale blue eyes grow closer to me and I thought Nawall was emerging from the cave…Instead the eyes suddenly disappeared retreating back into the cave.
“Please Nawall come out so we can talk, I need your help to regain my memories of your time here on earth. I remember a little…but you will have to help me unlock the rest.”
….If I had been standing in a physical body my jaw would have dropped to the ground! I was expecting a large dragon, a Blue water dragon to be exact, to emerge from behind the waterfall…. Instead, I saw the figure of a… man? Swimming out from behind the waterfall, is that a tail attached to the being? Stepping onto the bank from the water is now a striking tall male figure with copper colored shimmering skin and two normal legs… at this point my mind is reeling with questions, confusion…
“Who are YOU… Where is Nawall!?! I asked a bit too loudly…
I am Nawall… I looked at this strangers face, directly into the shimmering, icy blue eyes of Nawall and immediately felt an influx of memories returning to my mind….Shape shifters, the water dragons are shape shifters!
Nawall began to speak to me….”We were the first Dragon species to inhabit this planet; we came from the area of your night sky known to you as Sirius. Our home world Yemaya orbits the star Emme Ya. Our world had developed an unstable orbit; when it became time to send out colonies in search of a new home for our people I volunteered for this sector of space. The Earth expedition became our 4th colony of settlers, three other colonies settled on planets outside this solar system.
Your Earth was a warm, young planet, mostly water, the large land mass that had settled near your equator and was just beginning to break apart. The temperature and climate suited our basic needs well, our natural bodies require water to submerge and rejuvenate ourselves within just as your bodies require oxygen atmospheres. We placed our colonies near the Water-land edges, in this way we could quickly navigate between both.
After many happy and peaceful years had passed we discovered the young Humanoid creatures developing here as the dominate species, we also noticed something lacking in the genetic makeup of these beings. They had no speech, no sense of family, no civilized societies yet, they were truly in the wild animal stages of development. At first we took on their shape, size and appearance so they would not be frightened of us and we could safely study them to learn if indeed they would become the intelligent life on this planet. After some time went by, our scientists deconstructed the genome of these primitive beings and soon discovered a compatible gene cell from our own DNA structure that could be added to the humans and would allow the humanoids to jump ahead in their evolutionary journey.
This led to two species of humans emerging at different rates on this world, our Star-human hybrids and the naturally evolving primitive Earth humans. We were able to teach the new Star- Humans how to communicate using speech and writing techniques from our own world. We then showed them how to build peaceful Societies, gather native plants to use as medicine and grow food for themselves. These beautiful Star-Humans evolved rapidly, the combination of our genes, Dragon and Human quickly created a new hybrid form of intelligent life. We co-existed for hundreds of years in harmony and respect for each other. A beautiful civilization grew up around these Star-Humans, they called their city Po Tolo Mu, in our language this means Little Star Seed. Your world now calls these beautiful ones simply the people of Mu.
While the Star-Humans were progressing by leaps and bounds, we discovered the native humans evolving very slowly and quickly realized they had a predisposition for aggression, greed and war. Now we were faced with a difficult choice, defend the peaceful star-humans and the societies we helped create or step back and allow the barbaric humans to destroy our societies. Earth herself was still evolving; the large land masses were breaking up and drifting apart, becoming very unstable. We knew the Star-humans had to move further inland away from the water’s edge. However, this would also place them in greater danger from the aggressive humans as we would not be able to reach them and assist in their protection as quickly. After much deliberation by our joint council members of Star-Humans and Dragon priest, the Star-Humans decided they would take their chances with the primitive humans and rebuild their cities further inland, away from the crumbling shorelines.
Reluctantly we gave in to their wishes and agreed to assist them with our ships as needed. We used the ships to transport people, building material, and seed, anything we could do to help them re build their cities in a safe area. During these years of relocation, the primitive humans came closer and closer to the cities being built… just watching at first, frightened of our ships and our natural Dragon appearance. Then they began making random attacks on anyone that ventured beyond the city.
The Star-Humans had never known violence and initially had no fear of these primitives; the primitives had no fear of the Star-Humans either. Too late, we realized the horrible mistake we had made. We had never taught the Star-Humans to defend themselves; they knew nothing of war or violence, as things stood now… they would be completely destroyed by the primitives. We called an emergency Council meeting, we created this situation and we could not turn our backs on it. The Star-Humans were like our precious children, we loved them deeply, yet they did not understand the danger they were in! They were split in their views on how to handle the invading natives. Part of them insisted that we take in the primitives and teach them our ways, make them part of our societies; they were convinced of the basic goodness within their human brothers and sisters. The rest agreed to follow our advice; they trusted that we knew better than they about violence.
In our fateful attempt to honor the Star-Humans ability to make their own choices, we chose to honor both sides. Allow those that felt deeply that they could change the invaders, to stay and try. This saddened us beyond words. We knew what lay ahead for them, yet we had to honor their choices as sentient beings in their own world. The rest of our beloved Star-Humans agreed to be relocated away from the violent humans.
We boarded our ships and prepared to leave your planet, the violence and slaughter of innocent life was becoming more than we could bear. The primitive humans were driven by fear and greed, they were becoming bolder with each new attack; our people were being murdered daily. The Star-Humans had no weapons, we had taught them the way of peaceful societies and this is how they had lived for so many generations, they had never harmed another being and refused to do so now. They were incapable of war or violence of any kind and completely unable to defend themselves from the hordes of ravaging human primitives.
….”As I listened to Nawall sadly recounting his history I was transported back into time within my own consciousness. I knew what he was going to say next, I was there, I remember! I suddenly felt like a deep dark hole had been punched in my stomach, I had been one of the Star-Humans that chose to leave. I stood, looking out of a portal window for one last glimpse as we hovered in the ship over the village of our people. Those that had chosen to stay… I watched…oh no, not again … I felt the pain, the anguish welling up inside me, then hot tears flowed down my cheeks… not again….I am watching helplessly again!…. Noooooo!!! Go Back! I was literally screaming and beating on the window in a futile attempt to get someone’s attention. I saw my precious family and friends that had stayed behind. They were smiling and walking arm in arm out to greet the primitives, to invite them inside the city, to offer them food, medicine, shelter and love…..I can still see their screaming faces as they were mercilessly attacked…. I fell to the floor unable to watch, begging for the Dragons to help them, to make this stop!!!
.....Lady Damia! Come back!… those words flew out of Nawall’s voice like a blazing streak of light jolting me out of the traumatic scene I was falling deeper into …focusing on Nawall’s voice… I was able to disconnect, to move my conscious forward. I felt Lurra at my side and drew strength from her presence. ….I heard Nawall’s sad voice saying… Lady Damia, you must be careful, the dimensions overlap here and your focus and strong emotions dictate where you will be drawn to…draw your focus here, look into my eyes and stay with me for just a bit longer. I must finish my message to you, so much depends on the Star-Humans memory right now, you must help me find my precious friends and family that have incarnated once again in third dimensional Earth.
Nawall,…my voice was hardly above a whisper, I was still unsteady from the emotional scenes I had just witnessed. Nawall, what can we do, how do the Star-Humans use your frequency stone?
We have waited millennium, silently watching, waiting until we would be allowed to return and make things right. After we left Earth we asked our scientist to help us create a symbol of our devotion to the Star children of earth, a way we could always be connected. We were each asked to give one of the scales from our body, the scientist then took the scales and rearranging their molecular structure, created tiny shimmering black seed stones to be sprinkled and buried within the Earth. We were told these seeds would grow and be recovered when the Season of Light grew near again. When held by our beloved Star Seed Humans, this stone would instantly reawaken the bond between the Water Dragons of Yemaya and the Star-Humans incarnated on Earth! They would feel the stones frequency within their own Star Seed DNA.This would begin to trigger spontaneous memories awakening them to the Dragon Path of Light we have committed to. Tell them to hold there Dragon Scale Stone and Call my Name “Nawall” I will come to them and bring their Water Dragon companion to their side.
Some of the Star Humans are multi-dimensional like us and do exist in our world as well as 3D Earth. It is especially important that we contact these scattered Star Seeds, they can feel us near, but their memories have not fully returned yet, As soon as they reclaim their Dragon Scale stone the connection will be complete. We will become your Dragon Guardian, protecting you against all manner of evil! We will not leave your side again Star Seed, together we will fight for and welcome in the cosmic light of Amma, the creation source of all that is! Lady Damia, tell our beloved families….We have returned!
These are the instructions I received for connecting with the Dragon Scale Stones:
To work with your Dragon Scale Stone first place the stone in a bowl of water. If you have a chance place the bowl of water with your stone in it, where it will receive full sunlight for at least one hour, please do so. This could be in front of a sunny window, on your porch, or sitting in your flower bed/garden. We have an ageing stump on our property that makes a lovely charging table, I love to use this when I can. The combination of Sunbeams dancing on the water creates a powerful frequency for the water Dragon Activation. I have to admit, I was a little surprised to discover the Blue Water dragons were actual Black and that their stone would be a black one. However after seeing Nawall and hearing of the history of these beings I completely understand now. This stone is absolutely gorgeous, like a glistening celestial jewel, photos do not do it justice! The triple mineral combination of Amphibole Hornblende, Quartz and Glimmerite is stunning! Once your Dragon scale is activated, you may place it anywhere you like in your home. I suggest giving it a water bath a couple times a month if possible to keep it cleansed and actively connected to the Water Dragons frequency.
Your Dragon Scale stone enhances. Strengthens and protects the family structure. The intense black color absorbs all light particles that fall upon it creating a shield around all those you hold dear in your heart. Use the energy from this ancient and precious stone to amplify your dimensional awareness, to restore memories from long ago, to draw more light frequency into your home and body, to create a field of energy abundance that helps you create the circumstances of life you want to live within. Once you are connected to your personal Water dragon, you can call upon your ancient companion anytime you need assistance or guidance. The Water Dragons are here at this time to bring in the Season of Light. To reunite with their ancient friends and family that are currently incarnated on Earth. Over the next few years they will be assisting all who are ready to make that transitional leap into the next level of evolution. Helping them assimilate more light within their human bodies and their personal surrounding. The more light we can anchor here on Earth, the stronger the Light Grid will become, this benefits everyone~

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